visit Suffolk

Visit Suffolk to See Some Excellent Places

Suffolk is an ancient county in the East of England. It faces the ‘North Sea’ at its East with a coastline which stretches over 50 miles. There are many villages and towns dispersed around the land, each with a unique blend of culture to offer visitors. Mentioned are some of the best attractions available to visit Suffolk in this part of Britain.

  1. The Wool Towns of Suffolk

Travel back in time to the 15th century while exploring the historic ‘Wool Towns of Suffolk’. These cities and villages haven’t changed much since the Tudor era and were among the richest communities in the United Kingdom through the trade of wool. Their wood-framed mansions and buildings, ancient twisted streets and grand churches are still in existence. ‘Lavenham’ among them, is often referred to as the ‘best-preserved medieval village’ in England. ‘Kersey’, on the other hand, is among the best ten communities in Britain.

  1. The Brecks

One of the driest areas in England, the Suffolk Brecks is a part of England’s ‘Brecklands’.’The Brecks’ is a unique area, populated by ‘Scots Pines’ and very rare wildlife, including the ‘golden pheasant’. The ‘Thetford forest’ of the Brecks attracts those adventurous souls where cycle routes and footpaths wind across the landscape. The ‘Go Ape’ adventure centre among the treetops is a much preferred recreational getaway.

Further south of the Brecks is the ancient village of ‘West Stow’ which allows visitors to witness the lifestyle of Anglo-Saxons and even try out some of their skills of the ‘Dark Ages’.

  1. Constable Country

Constable Country is one of the most picturesque places to visit in England, ‘Constable Country’ is home to the much-acclaimed artist ‘John Constable’, located within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. Many of John Constable’s paintings has a setting in ‘Constable Country’ which art enthusiasts can visit. They can discover the real inspirations which adorned Constable’s canvas, such as ‘Flatford’ which led to the creation of ‘The Hay Wain’, or the ‘Dedham Vale’ valley which inspired a painting by the same name.

  1. Suffolk Coast and Orford Castle

The Suffolk coastline is an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ extending over 50 miles. Its abundance of wildlife and seabirds attract many bird lovers and photographers. Small fishing villages line the coast with each offering an exquisite experience of the English seaside. Orford, among these, is home to the only remaining castle built by King Henry II. This castle rises to 90 feet in height.

  1. Sutton Hoo

Found in Woodbridge in Suffolk, ‘Sutton Hoo’ is a medieval burial ground of the Anglo-Saxons which extends over 245 acres of land. It is also the location where the ‘Cenotaph’ or grave an Anglo-Saxon King lies. A complete reconstruction of the burial chamber is at the ‘Sutton Hoo’ exhibition. It is considered one of the greatest and richest archaeological discoveries in Britain since the Anglo-Saxon King received his burial with an entire ship full of riches for his afterlife including the famous ‘Sutton Hoo Helmet’.