English Dialects

The Greatest Variety Is In English Dialects

There are over 30 English Dialects.  Dialects are varieties of linguistics differing in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.  Anyone can take the dialects of the English language as best examples in this regard. Dialects are normally sub-sects of the primary language. In this sense, dialects of the English Language are a sub-linguistic sect of English of which pronunciation differs from each other, and the spelling varies as well. There are three major dialects of English to be found, and they are dialects of the British Isles, North America, and Australasia. Dialects also differ according to locations and social groups in which the dialects exist.

Dialects of the English language

“Queen’s English” is the most refined form of English spoken by the educated well-bred English peoples especially those from the well-known schools and universities such as Harrow, Eton and Oxford. People in the United Kingdom use British English and in England, there are dialects in Cheshire, Cumbrian, Geordie, Lancastrian, Mackem, Mancunian, Northumbrian, Pitmatic and Scouse. Then there is also Smoggie, Yorkshire, Black Country, Brummie, Potteries, and Telford in the East and West Midlands. The East Anglican people use Norfolk and Suffolk dialects. Cockney, Essex on, Estuary, Kentish, Multicultural London and Sussex are in use in Southern part. In the West Country, it becomes Anglo-Cornish and Bristolian dialects.

However, there is not much difference between these sub-sects that is evident. Mainly it is the pronunciations that differ from region to region. British English or Queen’s English is the main dialects that a majority of England uses at present.


Scottish people use Scottish English and Highland English while Welsh English, Welsh Cardiff and Welsh Gower are in use in Wales. In Northern Ireland, Ulster English, Belfast English, Derry English and South Ulster dialects of English are in use. In the Isle of Man, people use Manx English while in the Channel Islands, Channel Island English is in use.

The Republic of Ireland

Different Hiberno- dialects of English are in use in the Republic of Ireland. Cork, Dublin, Dublin 4, Inner City, Donegal, Kerry, Limerick City, Midlands, North East, Sligo Town, Waterford City, West and Wexford Town use different dialects. In the UK, people pronounce and write English, Anglo-English and British English. On the other hand, British English is being used more broadly or narrowly as suggested by the usage.

Foreign English Speakers find it is hard to understand the accent of different English dialect. But by carefully following the pronunciations, one can understand the accent of English regional dialects to some extent.

There are about 30 different Dialects of English in the UK alone. From country to country, the English Language has different dialects. Including is hundreds of various Dialects of English around the world. Some are Pidgin English dialects that relate to many different countries.