english language for kids

A common mistake any parent make is trying to teach English as a subject. For the erudite, it may be fine, but when introducing English for kids for the first time in their lives, it would not work that way.

English for kids must be presented to them as a skill that can be achieved by constant usage. Memorizing or studying hard is not a solution for learning English kids should practice.

There are activities they willingly perform. Ask any child to go to a football ground, and he would only be too glad to go. Give him some paper and crayons, and he will end up paint stained and happy.

It is where English Club TV comes to play. Concentrating on what children are fond of, we bring in a series of world-class programs dedicated to improving kids’ English language.

“Crafty Hands” stay foremost, bringing up new ideas every day, encouraging young viewers to create simple handicrafts out of any material found around any home. While learning English kids enthusiastically make real things out of nothing.

“Art Land” is a real fairyland for kids learning English. Children develop their artistic skills as they create fascinating art.

In addition, English Club TV is crammed with well-organised episodes focusing on learning English kids sharpen their abstract thinking abilities, increase their word power and become more productive, both in English language and daily activities.

ECTV Live Stream for Kids

Here is our special playlist for kids. You can watch interesting English Club TV programmes with your children. They will have fun and will learn new words and expressions at the same time. You should watch our programmes twice a day. 20 minutes of English per day – and you will have a good command of English. Watch and learn with us!