Wildlife Experience

Indulge In a Memorable Wildlife Experience in England

The United Kingdom provides fantastic holiday destinations for those who seek memorable vacations away from their native countries. They may travel to the United Kingdom for various reasons, while some may go there for business, education, employment, holidays and so on. A great number of them go there specifically to acquire a long-lasting wildlife experience.

The United Kingdom has a significant number of islands home to wildlife that discerning visitors will have no reason to be disappointed if the purpose of their visits is to indulge in adventures in the wilderness. Cascading waterfalls, pristine streams, babbling brooks, sky-scraping mountains, imposing dunes, breathtaking fauna and flora plus thousands of other rare marine creatures will keep visitors satisfied to the end of their holiday and carry back excellent memories of their wildlife experience.

Experience Wildlife on Farne Islands

Of the British Isles, Farne Islands is noted for its Puffin colonies. The islands lie about two miles into the sea from the beautiful Bamburgh castle. Thousands of seals flock across the rocks that keep travellers spellbound by their vast population. Farne Islands lies in Northumberland where many other wild landscapes can keep visitors spellbound.

Puffins prefer being close to people. They arrive here in thousands every year, and visitors can even touch them. Their breeding season falls between April and July, and visitors flock there expecting to enjoy a rare sight. Besides Puffins, the island provides tourists with beautiful views of numerous other birds such as eider ducks and razorbills.

Experience Wildlife in the Shetland Islands

Famous for marine mammals, the Shetland Islands in the United Kingdom also mainly consists of a vast number of seaweeds making it a lasting luscious green. Otters make their appearance among the seaweeds that line the Island’s coastline. Unlike in the past, otters enjoy in their thousands. The island receives daylight up until 11 p.m. during summer, and this is the ideal time for observing the otters play with their cute cubs. The islands also provide tourists with opportunities to see killer whales. They migrate here between May and August, travelling over a distance of 40 miles from islands west.

Wildlife experience on Rum Islands

The Rum Islands are in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Small but breathtakingly beautiful, the Rum Islands shelter a red deer colony of over a thousand animals. It is quite common to see the many matured male deer locking up their antlers to attract female deer showing their male strength in combating. The best location to see them fighting is Kilmory Glen towards the northern part of the island and the best time is the period between September and October.

Wildlife in Grassholm

For those who prefer visiting locations in the United Kingdom, to go bird watching should visit Grassholm where thousands of gannets flock for breeding. Grassholm boasts the fourth globally largest colony of gannets. From Pembrokeshire, St Bride’s Bay, one can visit Grassholm by boat starting from Martin’s Haven. The most delightful period to visit the island falls between April and July. Grassholm has no landing place, so visitors must be ready for choppy conditions and have sea legs.

Experience Scilly Isles to enjoy Wildlife

Travellers will recall vacationing in the Caribbean with the breathtaking sight of water in the Scilly Isles. The archipelago of the Scilly Isles comprises of 11 zones of marine conservations. Therefore, a large population of marine life exist in the waters here providing visitors with the finest spots for diving. Thousands of marine and underwater creatures such as sea urchins, seals, lobsters, crabs, to name a few, are there to welcome divers. For amateurs who keep away from deep waters, Bryher Island in the kelp forests is ideal for snorkelling in the shallow waters. It poses no unforeseen dangers to them here.

Besides these enchanting isles, England boasts many other wilderness islands. Offshore Islands in Wales and Orkney Islands in Scotland are just only two of them.