Summer travel

Know About Summer Travel in Ireland

You feel that summer in England never ends when you see long queues of people at airports and seaports. Local travellers mix with them too, increasing their numbers to thousands at every holiday destination in the country. Almost every hotel in the city and suburbs arrange guided tours to any holiday destination and attractions in the country for Summer travel. Therefore, tourists don’t feel like being in their homes during the summer season in England.

Ireland Summer Travel by Rail

Travelling by train may be the easiest and most convenient for visitors to Britain. Being the oldest rail network in the world, the UK rail service established in 1830, has naturally improved very much over the past centuries. At present, a combination of public and private franchise runs rail service in the UK. Many long distant rail services come under the management of private companies. The Government mostly only handles the infrastructural aspects of the rail service.

Buying a one-way ticket or a ticket on a go-and-return basis eases a tourist’s worry in finding exact locations. But many purchase passes and seasonal tickets as well. They can also get BritRail Passes and Inter-rail passes before they arrive in England. However, tourists have to get these passes stamped at a station centre before they use them for travelling.

The most ideal two websites to purchase point to point rail tickets before paying a visit to the UK are the and the National Rail East Coast. But these two sites, when compared to the fees of other websites, such as Southwest Trains and First Great Western, are expensive. However, the website of the National Rail provides passengers with maps, notices of special offers, inquiry pages, running schedules and much more.

Types of Rail tickets

UK rail offers three types of train tickets called Advance, Off-Peak, and Anytime. The Advance tickets are the cheapest of them. Passengers must purchase Advance tickets in advance of 12 weeks. One can buy off-Peak tickets on the day of travel. You can also buy these tickets in advance. Anytime tickets, as the name suggests, can be purchased any time of the day. With them, tourists can take any train. But there may be some limitations by some train operators on passengers when they are to change trains etc.

For all these to happen, the UK has a range of railway lines. The Great Eastern Main Line starts from the Liverpool Street Station. It runs through key cities in the UK such as Ipswich, Lowestoft, and Norwich, and Cambridge. The East Coast Line runs from London to Yorkshire, North East England and the East Midlands. The Middle Main Line covers East Midlands and some regions of West Yorkshire starting from the St Pancras International station. The other two main railway lines are the West Coast Main Line and Great Western Main Line.

Travelling by bus in the UK

From every main town, there are bus services available in the UK. The UK bus services are under both public and private sectors. London has a high number of bus services than in any other city in the UK. The UK has bus operations such as Express, Park and Ride, School Bus, Zero fare services, Demand responsive transport services, Hail and Ride Services and school bus services as well as long distance bus services.

Apart from rail and buses, tourists can opt for many other transport means such as charter flights, boats, private vehicles, etc. Therefore, visitors can reach their desired destinations very quickly throughout the UK and on time during summer. Due to the arrival of a high number of tourists in the UK in summer, tour operators increase their journeys during the season.