UK Waterfalls

UK Waterfalls the Gems of Mother Nature

The United Kingdom boasts of hundreds of beautiful waterfalls. Most of the UK waterfalls provide easy access to visitors to view and enjoy their cascading beauty. However, many others do not reveal their beauty that easily, unless one takes a great effort to reach them through forests, labyrinths, and climb over rocks.

Eas a’ Chual Aluinn

The highest of the waterfalls in the UK, Eas a’ Chual Aluinn, falls from a height of 200m in Scotland (Assynt, Sutherland, Highland). Visitors have to cross marshy land, of about six miles to reach the fall from Kylesku in Sutherland towards the South. There are boat trips run by local hotels that one can also join, that are operated only in good weather.

Steall Waterfall

The enchanting Steall Waterfall (Steall Falls), beautifies the UK landscape being in Scotland (Glen Nevis, Fort William, Highland). Naturally, it takes second place in the height of the waterfalls in the UK (120 m). Hundreds of visitors view the fall along the path that the Nevis Gorge runs. The John Muir Trust manages the area which is rich in natural beauty.

Falls of Glomach

Scotland boasts one of the highest falls in the UK, (113 m) in its Ross-shire ‘Falls of Glomach’. The Falls of Glomach does not provide easy access to visitors, but can be reached by an eight-mile-long trek on foot through thick forest and wildlife.

Devil’s Appendix

Many visitors go to view the ‘Devil’s Appendix’ fall since it falls into the rank of the highest waterfall in Wales. It plunges from a height of 305 feet by Twll Du in Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia in Wales. People cross-ice bound roads to reach the area from where they can view the falls. It cascades, but sometimes it gets a form of a single drop fall as well.

Pistyll y Llyn

Visitors can recall a tail of a horse when they view Pistyll y Llyn fall. It is one of the tallest falls in Wales as well as in the UK. One can reach the vicinity of the falls from Glaspwll travelling past 2.48 miles to the Cambrian Mountains to the location of the falls. The River Llyfnant flowing from Llyn Penrhaeadr (160 m) joins Cwm Rhaeadr forming two waterfalls. This formation results in the forming of a number of beautiful cascades. Of them all, the tallest waterfall falls from a height of 73 m.

Cautley Spout

The highest cascade type waterfall in England, the Cautley Spout, falls from a height of 650 feet. Gaping Gill on Ingleborough boasts Cautley Spout that gets an uninterrupted passage for its plunging into a pothole. The fall faces the wild and a glacial valley. The area of the fall belongs to West Riding of Yorkshire. Sedbergh is a small village near the Yorkshire Dales National Park. One can reach the waterfall Northwards from this village within a short period.

Canonteign Falls

The Valley Teign in Canonteign provides a close view of the Canonteign Falls. The Dartmoor National Park, which lies near Chudleigh in South Devon in England, also offers a close view of the fall. It is a man-made fall which falls from a cliff (220 feet) fed by water from a diverted stream in 1890 thus creating the fall.

Apart from the above mentioned UK waterfalls, the Falls of Foyers, Cauldron Stout, Falls of Clyde, Aysgarth Falls, Cotter Force, and Esk Falls including many hundreds of other beautiful falls in the UK provide an undisputed reason for tourists to visit the UK on vacation.