Colchester town

The historical and contemporary Colchester town

The Colchester Town in England lies in the borough of Colchester in Essex. According to the 2011 census, the Town boasts over one and a half million people. It was counted as one of the fastest growing cities in the country and Europe regarding population, taking into account the rapidly rising population. Moreover, British history shows that Colchester is the oldest town in the country. The Roman Britain made it their capital at one time and counted as a city in the Network of the Most Ancient European Towns. One can reach Colchester driving northeast about 51 miles along the A12 route from London. The Stansted Airport lies about 29 miles away from the Colchester town. The Colne River flows through the Colchester town.

Colchester town in regards to Climate

Colchester typically faces a dry weather condition. However, Colchester does not receive the Atlantic depressions so much due to its nearness to the British Isles. But it regularly faces droughts year round. However, Colchester receives enough rains during the summer months, and it experiences snow falls during winter and the spring. The highest and lowest temperature respectively was experienced in August 2003 and in December 2919.

Colchester town – Military touch

The city has housed a military garrison since the Roman days. Today, the 16th Air Assault Brigade has made it its location. The town also has the country’s only corrective centre, known as Glasshouse, for military personnel after the one in Aldershot. Detainees from the Army, Navy, and Air Force spend their corrective period in this centre. However, from 1998 to 2008, the town faced a massive rehabilitation scheme and most of the land belonging to the forces reclaimed to build housing projects.

Museums in Colchester town

The Colchester town boasts of a few museums. The Castle Museum, Hollytrees Museum, Natural History Museum, and the museum opened by the Colchester Archaeological Trust are the famous ones among them. Another important landmark in the Colchester town is the Gosbecks Archaeological Park. It has a Roman theatre and a Roman temple with British archaeological features. The park boasts moulds said to have used by the Catuvellauni kings to produce coins. The Stanway burial ground lies near the park. Another tourist attraction at the park is the iron age earthworks ditch.   Colchester is famous for its Colchester United Football Club and the Colchester Castle.

Colchester town theatres

One of the leading theatres in the city is the Mercury. It lies near the Colchester Arts Centre at the St. Mary at the Walls Church. It is where the famous Beer Festival of the town takes place. Another great Theatre in Colchester is Headgate. Founded by Rafael Vinoly and opened to the public by 2911, the first site exhibits contemporary art masterpieces. The Victor Batte-Lay Foundation owns another famous art house called the Minories where modern art exhibitions take place. The School of Art and Design lies at the heart of the town. In October every year, the Colchester Film Festival attracts thousands of film lovers, and achievers in the movie industry to the town.