British newspaper

The Immensely Popular British Newspaper

The UK publishes hundreds of newspapers both national and State wise. They cover numerous subjects including news, arts, economy, politics and many more. The English love reading newspapers while they are travelling, resting and even while in bed. Here are some of the British newspaper publications that enjoy high popularity in the country.

The Sun

The Sun is a popular tabloid newspaper in the UK and Ireland. It was first published in 1964 in the Daily Herald and later in 1969 as a separate tabloid. The News Group Newspapers (a Division of News UK) publishes The Sun. The tabloid newspaper enjoys the largest circulation in the UK compared to any other journal. 5.5 million of The Sun got sold in March 2014 alone.

Daily Mail

A daily newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ is a tabloid that enjoys a considerably larger circulation in the UK. Daily Mail and General Trust own the Daily Mail. The tabloid first came to the market in 1896 and later became the newspaper that has the second largest circulation in the UK. Its sister newspaper The Mail On Sunday came to the market in 1982.

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror tabloid owned by Trinity Mirror was first published in 1903. The Sunday issue of the tabloid is the Sunday Mirror. It supported the Labour Party from its inception. The tabloid enjoys a large circulation which saw the sale of 962,670 newspapers in March 2014.

The Daily Telegraph

A morning broadsheet newspaper The Daily Telegraph originally published in London in 1855 by Telegraph Media Group owned and initially distributed the paper throughout the UK. David and Frederick Barclay jointly enjoy the ownership of The Daily Telegraph since 2004. In March 2014, the paper recorded a circulation of 523,048 newspapers.

The Daily Express

The Daily Express is a daily tabloid newspaper. Northern & Shell that Richard Desmond also holds ownership of the Daily Express but under a subsidiary of Northern & Shell called Express Newspapers.  The average circulation in 2015 of the paper was 432,076 newspapers.

The Daily Star

A daily tabloid, Daily Star gets published from Monday to Saturday. It has a Sunday newspaper as well titled Daily Star Sunday. The Daily Star started publishing from 1978. Express Newspapers publishes the Daily Star and since its inception, it has been focusing on stories that revolve around celebrities.

The Times

London based, The Times Newspaper started in 1785 by the name The Daily Universal Register. It came to be called The Times from 1788. The Sunday Times began in 1821 is its sister paper. Both papers had one owner and recognized as political newspapers. They are committed to publishing political stories that benefit the people in the country based on actual affairs of the political arena of the UK.

Typically, the Brits prefer reading political stories. The next in line is news and stories regarding celebrities. They also like reading the latest news on the fashion scene and modern gadgets. Most of the Brits now read their favorite newspapers on computers and digital components.