Scafell pike routes

The Best Scafell Pike Routes

Standing 3,209 feet above sea level is England’s own Giant, the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom, Scafell Pike. Found in ‘Cumbria’ and situated at the ‘Lake District National Park’, this towering spectacle of nature is irresistible to mountain climbers, being among the three peaks in the United Kingdom that climbers find appeal during the ‘National Three Peaks Challenge’. A beautiful ravine is along the path which becomes rather treacherous during winter. It freezes to create an icy patch that climbers can slip on and fall to their deaths.

Things to pack

Preparing for the unexpected is a must when exploring new terrains. The equipment climbers decide to carry can help them overcome obstacles. The following list contains tools and items mountain climbers should equip them with when braving the unknown along Scafell Pike routes.

Walking shoes/boots

It’s necessary to pick durable and comfortable shoes suited for the rough terrain to avoid twisted ankles and wounds from sharp edges brushing the feet through the shoe sole.

Outfit and clothing

The attire for the journey is a crucial factor. Comfort, protection from weather and temperature, are key features to consider when selecting clothing for the trip.

Food and drink

The path would be trying and would burn a lot of calories, therefore, it is sensible to pack many quick eatables and energy drinks. Water is essential.

Navigation tools

A map, preferably a more detailed ‘Ordnance Survey OS6′, a compass, mobile phone and if possible, a GPS device is among the essentials.

First Aid

Injuries are unavoidable on such a challenging task. It is best to equip for all predictable injuries along the way.


Equipment and necessities need to be stored securely from all weather conditions. The selected backpack(s) must be easy to transport as well.

Camera and container

Not among the essentials but a good choice to record the journey to the peak, including all fun and exciting moments.


Ascent from Eskdale

The longest and most strenuous of all routes but with views worth the effort, the route goes along the ‘Esk river’, up the ‘Mickledore’ or along the ‘Esk’ as selected, until the ‘Great Moss’. The ascent is steep and tiring, but worth the climb.

Ascent from Wasdale

The most common choice, is starting at ‘Wastwater’, and going past the ‘Wasdale Head Inn’. It is less challenging and slightly steep yet straightforward path.

Ascent from Langdale

The route continues about 21km along ‘Rossett Gill’, passing ‘Angle Tarn’, then ‘Esk Hause’ and finally along a rock-strewn walk to the summit.

Ascent from Borrowdale

Beginning at ‘Seathwaite’, along with the ‘Corridor Route’ past ‘Styhead Tarn’ across the western side of Scafell, the route joins that of ‘Wasdale’ to reach the summit. The path welcomes the most spectacular views of the surrounding.

Though the Scafell Pike routes are tough by normal standards, most climbers have found the journey exhilarating, and the view at the peak is breathtaking.