British dog breeds

Top British dog breeds popular in England

There are dozens of British dog breeds in England. The King of Terries is one of the breeds that originate from River Aire in Yorkshire. Large, its formal identification is Airedale. Originally people rear this breeds to hunt otters. They also use Airedales to safeguard, guide and in war.

The British use the Lancashire Heeler for herding cattle. It is short. The UK Kennel Club has listed the Lancashire Heeler under the vulnerable breed of dogs.

The Staffordshire bull terrier is a breed that enjoys great popularity in England. Descended from a mix of Bulldog and a terrier, it shows great temperaments in vulnerable situations. Since they can stay with children quite patiently, the Brits like them to be in their residences. They have a proven track record for fearlessness and loyalty. However, with bad owners, it can be very aggressive. Bad ownerships can exploit this breed to various illegal activities.

The Bulldog is another breed that the Brits like very much. They are genteel though their appearance is aggressive. Thousands of British families rear Bulldogs as their pets. With proper training, this breed can understand their place in a family very well. Bulldogs are great to be as watch dogs but noisy eaters. Another popular breed of dog in England is the Border terrier. They are small but aggressive in attitude towards strangers. They are good for accompanying horses and traditional hunters of vermin and foxes.

The French bulldog is getting rapid popularity in England now. They display a funny, innocent look and known as the ‘Clown in the Cloak of a philosopher’. It is a cross between the French ratters and the English bulldog the French bulldog is a great friend of humans. At times, they may be quite severe but by training, they become very loyal.

Another popular breed is the Golden Retriever. This type is a beauty, and it expresses a sincere friendliness towards its owner. Traditionally, the Golden Retriever is a gun dog.

The majestic German Shepherds are residents in police and military camps. They display immense strength in whatever task they undertake under the initiative of their owners. Traditionally they have been excellent shepherds. German Shepherds always suspect strangers and shows general intolerance towards other types of dogs. In England, it is one of the most sought after dog breeds at present.

The Pugs also enjoy a high popularity in England. They have become the pets of celebrities. Royal family shows great fondness towards the Pugs because of its funny face and smallness. This type is very aggressive but friendly towards children.

One of the top breeds that are popular in England now is the English Springer spaniel. They are natural hunters. Therefore, at any given time, they can be very destructive. However, they can be tamed easily. Once well trained, they are very sociable.

At the top of popularity is another spaniel called the Cocker Spaniel. It is a beauty with their long low set and hanging ears covered in silky and wavy hair.  Intelligent, compassionate and caring, the Cocker Spaniel is indeed a great asset to a family.

There is no dog in England much loved than the Labrador. It is a gun dog. They are in the top place of popularity not only in England but also in the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Muscular, athletic and available in yellow, black and chocolate fur, the Labrador exhibits a deep kindness towards its owners. Since they are very big dogs, some may feel they cannot control this type, but once well-trained, they become very obedient.