popular cars in England

Recognising the Most Popular Cars in England

The car brands that enjoy the top positions in selling lists in England are not that expensive compared to the prices of luxury cars. Due to attractive incentives, the after selling services, and other good terms and conditions, the Brits prefer to buy cars of certain brands to purchasing more expensive cars. These days, the number of individuals buying cars is growing higher than the number of companies buying cars. Against this backdrop, the focus on popular cars in England can help us in understanding the current English car market.

Hatchback Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta arrived in England in 2008. However, since 2013, a new facelift of the old is keeping a record high in selling list. Apart from the convenience that a driver of a Ford Fiesta enjoys in it, he or she feels that controlling the car is extremely easier because of its state of the art automobile gears. The drivers of Ford Fiesta do not feel any differenсe in that of driving sports cars. It has accomplished the rating of a five-star crash test proving that people who drive a Ford Fiesta are extremely safe.

Qashqai SUV

The Qashqai SUV car range first arrived in England in 2007. This compact car has an elevated driving seat. The cost of maintaining a Qashqai SUV car is little. The second generation of this brand accompanies a state of the art technology that makes its drivers more comfortable and gains confidence than that of the drivers of an earlier generation of SUV. The Qashqai SUV boasts 1.5 Lt Diesel engine and 70Mpg capacity making it extremely suitable for urban driving. The popularity of the Qashqai SUV turns other car manufacturers towards England with similar vehicles, but this brand still enjoys a top position in the selling charts in England.

Hatchback Vauxhall Corsa

The new modification of Vauxhall Corsa cars enjoys great popularity in England. Because of its Flint appearance and the top most designs, the English prefer buying this brand of cars to other vehicles. The range has many a selection of engines from 2.0-litre petrol engines to the more powerful 2.0-litre petrol ST model. The new model boasts of SYNC 2 infotainment that can recognize driver’s voice and understand text messages. Since the new model of hatchback Vauxhall Corsa does not have many dashboard buttons, it is easier to handle than the earlier version.

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

These days, visitors to England can see many Volkswagen Golf Hatchback cars running on both urban and rural roads. Its classy look has inspired thousands of car buyers to own a Volkswagen such as the Estate or Convertible models. Hatchbacks with three, four, five doors presently enjoy a lot more popularity in England. The Golf GTI and Golf R model of this brand are identified as convertible cars and Sports Cars. The Volkswagen Golf Hatchback car brand is up to date in technological advancement and boasts of sophisticated components such as Bluetooth, Digital DAB radios, touch screen dashboards, to name a few.