british cars brands

A little history behind the British cars brands

British cars brands are a large part of history and have shaped the European automotive industry significantly. Many brand names are notorious for their luxury, unique design, quality and high overall performance. Some of the most prestigious car brands that originate from Britain includes Jaguar, Mini, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover and Bentley. One of the biggest mass-produced car manufacturers in Britain is Vauxhall while McLaren is largely famous for its sports cars.

The History of car manufacturers in Britain dates back to the 18th century, where it all began. However, it was only in 1900 that Herbert Austin introduced an entirely British car manufactured by his company, Wolseley Motors Limited, which is one of the largest car manufacturers in the UK.

Take a look at the history behind many of Britain’s prestigious automobile companies.

Jaguar – Founded after the end of the First World War and is a trademark in luxury cars. The latest cars are manufactured using state of the art technology.

Mini – It started off producing vehicles in the middle class and is now designing cars that have a distinctive design and has an above average performance that appeals to urban dwellers.

Land Rover – Land Rover is the only British brand that stood up against some of the world’s best American SUVs. However, Land Rover newer sports vehicles are gaining popularity all over the world as well as among Britain’s famous stars like Victoria Beckham and other celebrities.

Aston Martin – This is a world famous car and is used in many of the ‘James Bond’ movies. It is one of the best British cars and emphasizes luxury and extravagance.

Rolls Royce – Another great name in cars, that is popular around the world for their limousines. Rolls-Royce took British cars to exceptional levels in the industry with luxury and class.

Bentley – This is a classy car driven by many British aristocrats, including the Queen. Hence, its popularity for being the toy of the rich and famous. Many car lovers, in Britain, Europe and America are indulging in the luxury of owning and driving a Bentley. It is a car associated with class, luxury and spacious interior.

McLaren – McLaren mostly associated with Formula One cars built to race and features the technology that is required to run. It has made them a household name around the world for their sports cars.

Many car owners in England are very conscious of the car they drive. Many of them prefer to drive British owned cars that are well made, prestigious and comfortable.