Kingston University London

Kingston University London: One of the best

Founded in 1899, Kingston University London was first known as Kingston Technical Institute. Kingston College of Art was established in 1980 when Kingston School of Art got separated from Kingston Technical Institute. The Ministry of Education recognised the college as a regional educational institute in 1957, and it rejoined with the College of Art and became Kingston Polytechnic. In 1992, the Further and Higher Education Act granted the college university status. Later in 1993, Kingston University launched the Roehampton Vale Campus, and in 1995, the university acquired Dorich House as well.

Kingston University London: Campuses and faculties
Penrhyn Road Campus of Kingston University at the town centre is its main institute. Kingston Hill Campus, Knights Park Campus, Roehampton Vale Campus and the Cooper House are among other main campuses of Kingston University. The Faculties of Kingston includes the Art, Design and Architecture Faculty, Art and Social Sciences Faculty, Business and Law Faculty, Health and Social Care and Education Faculty, and Science Engineering and Computing Faculty.

Kingston University London: Courses
Kingston University provides quite a high number of courses. They include among many others,
Architecture and Landscape,
Building and Construction,
Art and Design,
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Media and Music,
Life Sciences,
Health and Social Care Sciences,
Sports Science and Nutrition

Kingston University London: Post Graduate Courses
The Post Graduate Studies of the University include,
Finance and Banking;
Art and Design;
Architecture and Landscape,
Computing and Information System;
Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences;
Creative Writing,
Journalism and Publishing;
Engineering; Economics;
Digital Media;
Surveying and Planning;
Social Sciences;
Social Work;
Nursing and Midwifery;
Management (General);
Surveying and planning among other subjects.

Kingston University London – Courses: Why it is one of the best
Many parents choose Kingston University for their children’s higher education for many reasons. Many consider that Kingston provides high safety measures for their children and that it is one of the most convenient locations in London. Moreover, records show that Kingston is one of the top universities for children to pursue their under post graduate courses. The university boasts the state of the art equipment and educational systems. Another salient feature of the university is that it provides education for a highly diverse student population from various countries.

Kingston University London: Research
Kingston University boasts highly diverse research groups working together sharing their knowledge of different fields. The students receive research experience through their courses and enterprise activities provide the same for other organisations. The University annually publishes their research thereby spreading their findings worldwide. Since research lay the lifeblood of the higher educational system, Kingston University engages in research regularly thus enriching its student population as well as society as a whole.

Kingston University London: Ranking
Among the 127 universities in the United Kingdom, Kingston University holds the 127 position, according to the Complete University Guide of The Sunday Times. The Guardian university guide has ranked Kingston University 88 taking into account the status of 119 universities in the UK. Subject wise, Fashion and Textiles; Design, Crafts and Nursing have reached the top ranks in the surveys conducted in this regard in the UK.