capital of north ireland

Belfast the Capital of Northern Ireland

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The largest city in Northern Ireland Belfast has a population of 270,000 with 600,000 in the inner city and wider metropolitan area. It has the hustle and bustle of city life you would not find anywhere else in Ireland. Belfast resembles other industrial ports like Glasgow and Liverpool, surrounded by elegant Victorian buildings and fantastic shopping streets. However, economic prosperity is not seen in every part of the city, in fact, some areas like the North of Belfast has seen an economic decline. Belfast is a centre point for a diverse culture where visual arts and theatre are flourishing, and the traditional music scene in the city is booming.

Visitors can get a feel of Northern Ireland in just a few days. The city has a result of its industrial revolution has magnificent Victorian pubs and grandiose architecture. The Queen’s University situated in the south and the Ulster Museum has an extensive collection and set amidst the Botanic Gardens. If you are looking for stunning views, climb Cave Hill. Belfast Lough is a natural harbour with the River Lagan flowing towards the city centre along the eastern side.

A Brief History

Life in Northern Ireland began when a Ford set on River Farset had to be guarded by several forts. In 1717, the Anglo-Norman Castle was built. The castle had a limited influence and in a century or so the Irish took control of Lagan Valley. Belfast began making strides in growing as a city sometime during the 17th century. The local linen industry started to improve which brought in new workers and fortune. The 18th century saw ship building and the cloth trade expand significantly and the population increase in tenfold. Belfast became a stronghold for its liberalism and economic prosperity. While the city remains divided attitudes amongst the young are hardening and not many remember the troubles. Peace is fragile in this land; however, the future is an optimistic one for many of the residents living in this beautiful city.

Belfast is the gateway to Northern Ireland. It offers the vibrancy and buzz of a capital city combined with the natural, rural retreat to the north. Traveling around the city is easy due to its compact size and was packed with attractions and tourist spots suitable for all ages. A must see on the list is the Belfast Castle and the W5, a fantastic interactive museum is ideal for you when visiting with children. The Cave Hill Country Park or Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park are fascinating places to visit during the summer! To discover Ireland, and its unique blend of modern and traditional culture, visit the city of Belfast!


Inner [ɪnə] ford [fɔːd]
metropolitan [mɛtrəˈpɒlɪt(ə)n] stride [strʌɪd]
hustle [ˈhʌs(ə)l] linen [ˈlɪnɪn]
bustle [ˈbʌs(ə)l] expand [ɪkˈspand]
resemble [rɪˈzɛmb(ə)l] tenfold [ˈtɛnfəʊld]
surround [səˈraʊnd] stronghold [ˈstrɒŋhəʊld]
prosperity [prɒˈspɛrɪti] attitude [ˈatɪtjuːd]
decline [dɪˈklʌɪn] hardening [ˈhɑːdənɪŋ]
diverse [dʌɪˈvəːs] fragile [ˈfradʒʌɪl]
flourishing [ˈflʌrɪʃɪŋ] gateway [ˈɡeɪtweɪ]
booming [buːmɪŋ] vibrancy [ˈvaɪbrənt]
grandiose [ˈɡrandɪəʊs] buzz [bʌz]
Ulster [ˈʌlstə] rural retreat [ˈrʊər(ə)l rɪˈtriːt]
amidst [əˈmɪdst] suitable [ˈsuːtəb(ə)l]
Cave [keɪv] blend [blɛnd]