English grammar practice

English Grammar Practice with ECTV Makes You Perfect

ECTV offers English grammar practice through a number of online English language programmes. Testing your grammar competency from different angles, ECTV determines what programmes would be the most suitable for your English grammar practice.

When it comes to the online programmes for learning English grammar, don’t forget E-lab, the programme dedicated to teaching grammar through the fun games. In its sophisticated studio with enormous table-top touch screen, with a help of which students and teachers interact, English grammar learning becomes a child’s play.

You meet native English speakers as your hosts, talented teachers from all over the world and students like you. For beginners to be able to communicate with other people in English and engage in learning grammar at the same time is a rare opportunity. All modern learning facilities are at the disposal of every student.

ECTV helps you to combine words and make meaningful sentences under the guidance of expert native English speaking teachers. To make matters easier, ECTV displays English subtitles of each English language dialogue that takes place between the participants of E-lab English grammar practice.

There is also an additional advantage in the ECTV English grammar practice programmes. The teacher or the programme host would check the students’ progress at the end of each lesson, to find out whether they understood the material.