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Learn English Online With ECTV as Your Virtual Teacher!

Under certain circumstances learning English can turn out to be more exasperating than a student would expect. He may have a desire to learn English, which is the most important factor that keeps him motivated. But he may also find his situation getting unexpectedly complicated when he starts to work. Grammar rules would often present major obstacles to success. Words that look similar would confuse him and varying pronunciation styles would make the whole affair quite disappointing.

This is why students should first identify what to start with. If one opts to start at a knowledge level, which significantly surpasses his own, it would be difficult for him to continue further.

New rules would conflict with what he had already learned, and his earlier confidence would sag, letting him lose interest in learning a new language.

So, one of the foremost steps a student should take in language learning is to assess his skills. He can do this by carefully evaluating what he can or cannot do. Up to what extent can he understand the words or sentences he hears in English? Are the sentences he writes grammatically correct? Can people understand what he says? What kind of books can he read and understand?

And he can hardly find the answers to all these questions by himself. To understand whether his writings are grammatically sound or not he would have to seek advice from a more knowledgeable person, preferably a teacher. Unfortunately, not all the students succeed in finding competent English teachers, and even if they do, they may not afford to have the lessons.

ECTV has a solution – learn English online. Playing the part of a trained virtual teacher, ECTV quickly determines the knowledge levels of its students during the first interaction. Depending on this assessment, ECTV recommends them suitable lessons to follow. All the lessons are available in video mode and students only have to click the play button. But they should watch and listen attentively to make the most out of the programme.

Each video is a part of a series of programmes. And every programme has its flair and uniqueness. There are programmes for kids, teenagers, tech lovers, savvy academicians and for anyone with a desire to develop their English skills. In fact, this is the teacher any English learning student anywhere in the world can afford, hassle free, available around the clock. Students, you can now be absolutely assured that you are not alone as you may think. ECTV is with you.