Study English grammar

How to Study English Grammar

When starting to study a new language, the initial response is to want to use it immediately. The urge to speak and write it is irresistible. But, as the old adage goes, “it is best to learn to walk before you learn to run.” It is best for Students to first learn about how words work with each other, about how to express different times, tenses and actions. To do this, students must learn the principals of English Grammar. Grammar is the study of verbs, adjectives, nouns and prepositions and so on ad infinitum. If a student is focused and motivated to master a language as complex as English they must understand its intricacies and also its uses.

Embarking on the study of English grammar can be an intimidating chore for any student especially when faced with the many principals and exceptions involved in Grammar. But it is best not to be afraid of these concepts but to rather approach the process in stages. There are numerous ways students may use to study English grammar. One way to do this is to read as much as possible. Students should ideally choose books that explain the different aspects of English grammar. These relate to the construction of sentences, parts of speech, synonym and homonym meanings and definitions and the like.

Students can also start by practicing writing. Perhaps start maintaining a diary or journal. Writing down thoughts and experiences can help students identify errors they make in English and acts as a point of reference to finding the proper solutions. Students can also attempt to be a part of study groups with other students to further practice writing and speaking English.

Probably the best and convenient ways for students to learn English grammar is online. The internet offers many different resources for students looking to study English grammar. Many websites can be found that specialise in teaching students the principals of grammar by way of online tutorials and video lessons. One of the best such resources is English Club TV, which is a website dedicated to teaching English to international students studying it as a second language. ECTV as it is known the world over has fast become the most popular source for learning English online today, mainly due to its innovative approach to teaching English. Students visiting the site are first given the option of taking an online self-assessment test which identifies their current level of understanding English. Once categorised, students can choose to view the plethora of video lessons designed to teach English. Each show is unique in that each programme is formatted to resemble some form of TV show, be it news, documentary or game show. This approach makes all the programmes on ECTV infinitely engaging and entertaining thereby making it a very useful tool to study English grammar.