perfect English

Learning How to Speak Perfect English

Students learning English as their Native language or as a second language always ask the question “How do I learn to speak perfect English?” Learning both grammar and pronunciation, is the best way to do this. Both form an excellent foundation for speaking perfect English. While the concept of perfect English is more an abstract one having no proper definition, those who speak English using proper enunciation and grammar are notably distinct and stand out as persons speaking perfect English. It is also despite the implied effects of one’s own vernacular.

When learning to speak and write perfect English, merely listening to others speak English is insufficient when improving one’s English pronunciation. It is only part of the equation. Confidence plays a significant role in learning to speak proper English. Students must always resist the urge to give up in the face of making mistakes. Perseverance and confidence are essential to perfecting English as this will serve to motivate one to continue despite making errors.

Another useful trick in one’s arsenal of English learning tools is to use a dictionary. It should not be confused with a thesaurus, which translates an English word or term into one’s native language as many words in English do not have a clear and distinct translation into other languages. A dictionary, on the other hand, will undoubtedly define the term and enable students to understand the meaning of a particular word. Once the meaning is understood it is much easier to identify and translate it into one’s native language.

Practising pronunciation is crucial to speaking perfect English. Employing phonetics and the phonetic alphabet is an excellent way to develop one’s pronunciation as it uses letters and symbols to illustrate word and letter sounds in the English language. An excellent resource for learning proper pronunciation is the internet. Websites such as are of immense help for students looking to improve English pronunciation and speak perfect English. English Club TV or ECTV is a website committed to helping students improve all aspects of English, from grammar to pronunciation and even improving listening and conversational skills.

Featuring programmes such as “ECTV Extreme,” “Speak Up” and “Secrets of English” English club TV addresses all aspects of proper English speech. It also helps students learn perfect English while being informative, educational and entertaining, which is a perfectly combined approach to teaching students perfect English.