Perfect English

The importance of speaking perfect English

Irrespective of whether one speaks English as a first language or second, speaking perfect English is of vital importance if one is to communicate both efficiently and effectively. To this end focusing on proper pronunciation is of paramount importance for any student of the English language. Merely listening to conversations of others or acquiring theoretical knowledge of proper pronunciation is not enough to ensure one speaks perfect English. Instead students should focus entirely on practicing the fundamentals of pronunciation at all times. After all “Practice makes perfect!”

Students who are endeavouring to learn perfect English should work towards building confidence in their English speaking skills. Confidence is crucial to perfecting one’s English speaking ability and students should focus on this continuously and not lose hope or give up trying if they make mistakes. Students learning to speak perfect English should also consider using a dictionary as opposed to a thesaurus. It is because a dictionary will provide the definition of the word which will be far easier to comprehend as opposed to a translation of the word.

Another option available to those looking to speak perfect English is to sign up for focused pronunciation and communication courses offered by reputed institutes that specialise in English as a second language. Students should also practice pronunciation using the phonetic alphabet as much as possible. It will help identify the proper sounds for each letter and word thereby improving pronunciation. Students should also practice and learn word and syllable stresses as different stresses in different places in the same word will drastically alter the words meaning and context. It is only by regular practice that students will learn to speak perfect English. Students should also immerse themselves in the language as much as possible and expose themselves to proper English as often as possible.

One of the best resources available to students looking to learn perfect English is, of course, the internet. Students will find many video lessons online that focus on pronunciation and speaking perfect English. One of the best such resources available to students today is English Club TV or ECTV for short. Students can browse over to where they will be able to sign up and view the site’s many programs on improving pronunciation. The uniqueness of English Club TV lies in its formatting. Every program and video on the site is designed to a TV show format. This episodic nature of shows such as “Say it Right” and “Speak Up” will engage students and ensure they learn perfect English.