English practice

English Club TV’s Online Tests for English Practice

Real English language learning can only be achieved through the tests involving more sophisticated English practice. ECTV have specially designed the educational videos to test the viewers’ knowledge in every possible way.

A simple click on the “play” button of an online English lesson can hardly ensure the presented material to be learnt properly. Hence, while watching a particular video you are going to be simultaneously assessed!

There are several ways of assessment you will find. Your programme host may ask you some questions while you are watching the programme in English or offer you a certain task to fulfill afterwards. The questions may be displayed on the screen either before the start of the programme or at the end of the video segment.

Repeating the same video segment will help you with testing. It’s rather difficult to skip the repeated part of the video, so what happens is you listen and watch the identical video segments one after another.

The objective of this kind of online testing is not to make you helpless, but to trigger your thinking capabilities. When someone asks you a question you automatically turn it in your mind and start looking for answers.

ECTV makes use of this phenomenon, compelling your active participation in the English practice lessons. And never fear – all the videos display the answers on the screen within a reasonable time. What’s more, the video even points out where exactly you can find the answer.