English lessons online

English Lessons Online for Students of All the Levels with ECTV

The uniqueness of ECTV English lessons online is that they are carefully chosen and categorized according to your level of English knowledge. And this has nothing to do with your age. We are talking just about your English skills.

You can quickly identify where you stand by clicking on any of English videos available to you at the ECTV’s official website. Watch and listen patiently until you reach the end of the English lesson video. Ask yourself “Did I understand what the video was about and what was discussed?” “Did I enjoy it?”

You are at the knowledge level that particular video indicates if your answer is “yes”. Move on to the next level. If it is a big “no”, click on a video that offers simpler English lesson. There are five knowledge levels. Choose the best level for you and start learning!

Whatever your current level of English is, ECTV never keeps you worried. Always by your side, our videos would assist you in your learning English according to your requirements. May it be pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills, we ensure your improvement.

Our native English speaking teachers go for subjects that cover numerous areas of infotainment. World geography plays a crucial role in our English lessons, and programmes hosts take you to visit places of cultural importance, historical value or of any other noteworthy significance.

Why wait? Go for your level English lessons online now!