English for intermediate

Learning English For Intermediate Level Students

English Club TV is a favourite online resource, based on the concept that English as a second language consists of five distinct knowledge levels, namely Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, English for Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels. It has fast become one of today’s most practical resources for international students learning English as a second language. Even though there are many resources available to students, for self-learning English as their second language, such as books, self-help DVDs and other websites ECTV stands out as one that is both unique and efficient.

English Club TV or commonly known as ECTV by its million strong league of online members it is a website created solely for the purpose of helping international students improve their English. The site achieves this by combining the knowledge of a specialist team of native speakers with an innovative approach to online self-learning. ECTV Features English video lessons created by its panel of native experts based in Great Britain. The site, divided into sections is designed to make sure students understand the numerous subtleties of the English language. It includes the principals of grammar and pronunciation, negating standard language barriers and even learning the definitions of new words and phrases. The site helps students to gauge their current level of English comprehension based on an online self-evaluation test and categorises them into five distinct levels i.e. Elementary, Pre-intermediate, English for Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced.

The Intermediate level again covers the four base modules of Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Vocabulary Expansion and Grammar. As in the sites other levels, each module in the intermediate level has programmes formatted as TV shows revolving around current affairs and social interactions international students will encounter. Students can improve their English by watching programmes such as “ECTV News”, “Speak Up” and “English 911.” ECTV also features numerous programmes in conversational English such as “Art of Conversation” that cater directly to students interested in learning conversational English.

English Club TV’s one of a kind approach is that all programmes at all levels are presented in an engaging and entertaining news or television show format which help student relate to each topic. This innovative approach to learning English for Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, and Advanced level has made English club TV outshines others in its field. It has become one of the most popular online self-learning resources available today.