English video lessons

English Video Lessons Go Viral

Compared to other methods, used in English education, online English video lessons have fast gained popularity among English learning communities as an effective means of online English practice. It is due to several strong reasons.

First of all, video lessons do not require much effort on the part of a student during the English learning process. Imagine a student reading his English lesson on a screen as a text. He would have to peruse the sentences carefully to grasp their full and final meaning, as though reading a book. While he reads, he would also have to worry about the unnecessary burden of scrolling the page up and down.

Video lessons are not like that. Students will not have to struggle to understand the lesson. The only requirement is a click on the video play button, and they can sit back and watch while the programme hosts do the rest. With repetitions, subtitles, analysis, exercises and questionnaires students start learning involuntarily. They do not have to concentrate hard to understand a lesson.

Secondly, videos are more pleasing to watch. Actual pictures and slideshows also rank high when it comes to eye-catching elements on a web page. But when the same page offers an English teaching video for the visitor, he is more likely to be drawn to it and click on it. Pictures and slideshows cannot provide the real world feeling as videos do.

It is more advantageous as videos can adequately demonstrate the students how to apply their textbook limited English knowledge in their day-to-day life. Words in plain text would take a lot of time and a lot of reading to explain the students how to communicate correctly with their English speaking neighbours. Glossaries and grammar rules are not enough. The lesson should show how to select the appropriate words to suit the occasion and also how to pronounce those words correctly.

Videos play a vital role in ECTV English lessons and that is why, like videos themselves, ECTV has gone viral on the internet. Clicks on ECTV videos have dramatically increased over the past few months, and students are asking for more. To fulfil their high expectations, ECTV has launched series of new English video programmes on their official website. ECTV English teaching videos are more fun than ever! Subscribe now and start improving your English skills straight away with minimum fuss.