Spoken English

Spoken English – Start Speaking English like Native British

In every aspect, ECTV’s English video lessons always go beyond your expectations. Let us say you are interested in developing your spoken English. Yes, ECTV helps you with that but would take you even further. They would train you to speak English like native British. That is what distinguishes ECTV from other English teaching services, always a step ahead.

ECTV programmes dedicated for spoken English are numerous. Foremost of them comes E-lab, indeed a laboratory, but customized to meet your English language requirements. Chris Shaw, a talented English instructor, brings together English language teachers and international students from every corner of the world.

They hold their ECTV spoken English lessons around a large touch screen. After Chris explains the programme agenda, the teacher takes control and guides her students through the spoken English exercises. The touch screen greatly enables the teacher and her students to interact effectively among themselves.

The lesson encourages students to build questions based on the answers given to them by their teacher. Then the procedure is reversed. The programe is called ‘Language Booster’ and can be considered as a key contributor for students’ development towards spoken English as a native British.

Another important English video lessons programme in this aspect is extreme English. When it comes to spoken English of native British, you cannot ignore the usage of slang. Since it is used in their everyday language, you should have a good understanding of slang. ECTV extreme English teaches you American slang combined with action packed videos. E-lab programme host Chris Shaw gets out and lends you a hand in improving your spoken English.

Then there is ‘Speak Up’ and ‘What Did They Say?’. These spoken English programmes are not from the E-lab but hosted separately by expert programme casters on ECTV. ‘Speak Up’ lessons are essential for developing correct English pronunciation, as well as your knowledge in idioms. Both would enable you to speak English as a native British.

Speaking is fine, but what about understanding spoken English of the native British? Have no fear. Nick is by your side, with his ‘What Did They Say?’ spoken English programme. Supported with subtitles, Nick slows down speedy media news items in English and makes them easy to understand for young learners. With it, ECTV hopes to heighten their students’ listening capabilities up to the level of the native British.