b1 english test

B1 English test: through English Club TV

The significant level ‘B1 English test’ conducted by the English Club TV  includes a range of programs. They all are equally innovative and professionally written scripts that target B1 students for them to improve themselves to the next level of English learning. Simple, practical approach of these programs makes them great since their viewers can learn the language without indulging in written but learn viewing interesting TV episodes aided by subsidiary videos and activities.

B1 english test: E-lab: Fabulous Destination

The E-lab. Fabulous Destination program is one of the most developed video lesson projects available for modern English learning students. It uses a massive touch screen in teaching and showcases Venice, one of the most attractive cities in the world. Highly professional UK native speakers conduct the E-lab video lessons with easy to understand quiz episodes. At the end of each lesson, a winner emerges thus illustrating that the program is amazingly a great way to learn English.

B1 english test: E-lab Survival English

The B1 english test includes E-lab Survival English that Chris Shaw hosts. The program caters to those who need to know about terms and phrases they need to use in emergencies. For example, the show demonstrates to its participants how to inquire about a patient’s conditions or questions they have to ask in emergencies and the answers they have to give in return. The program viewers learn about medical phraseology and the ways they have to use English in events that come unexpectedly in their way.

B1 english test: The English 911

The English 911 includes a range of segments intended for B1 level students. But it also helps those in the Intermediate level. Here, the viewers can direct questions to the conductor of the program by emailing them, and they will receive the answers on the ongoing program itself. The native speakers of the UK  respond to viewers’ queries with illustrations and props. They take three questions from the viewers for an episode and explain their answers adequately thereby improving the viewers’ knowledge of English to a great level.

B1 english test: English 911 New Season

The ‘English 911 New Season’ is even more sophisticated than its first program. The program employs prestigious English teachers from reputed European schools. Online students can discuss their difficult issues in learning English with them and receive descriptive answers for them. The viewers email their linguistic queries to the program in order for them to have answers. Each episode includes self tests where students can respond by testing themselves whether they have learned what they have been adequately taught throughout the session.

B1 english test: Evolution

The program ‘Evolution’ provides fine ways to learn difficult English. It uses the Darwin theories in evolution and explains them to students in simple English. The program improves the students’ knowledge in evolutionary science  as well as their understanding of English scientific terms and their pronunciations. It is one of the greatest ways to learn scientific words, their spelling and pronunciations.

B1 English test: Labour of Love

The Labour of Love videos from the English Club TV aims to improve B1 students’ English knowledge. The program brings in informative and entertaining documentaries. They describe works of great London artistes and their lives as well. Not only does the program improve the English knowledge, but they also provide interesting facts of the artistes – an inspiring program.

B1 english test: Spot on the Map

The English Club TV brings in Spot on the Map to improve English knowledge of its viewers while providing details of interesting London locations without getting away from the hidden spots as well. The English titled Spot on the Map runs with the assistance of the program host who takes the viewers on tours in London. The program does not focus on English grammar but infuses them subtly in the minds of the viewers.

The other interesting video lessons and TV programs in B1 English Test include What Did They Say? The Week In Review, The Language of Business, Step by Step New Season, and Step by Step. They also include programs, Speak Up, Say It Right, Perfect English, Keep Fit, and Grammar Wise: 2nd Season, Grammar Wise, Flash Facts, English Up, and ECTV Simple News as well as City Grammar.