Intermediate english

Intermediate English-Seamlessly Advanced

The Upper-Intermediate English level B2 from the English Club TV provides a better learning platform for students who have a considerable knowledge of English. The programs of the B2 level though advanced, students with simple English knowledge can understand them easily. Professionals in Great Britain design and compile all the lessons and programs of B2 level thereby assuring their student’s success from learning the English language.

Online English Club TV B2 lessons comprise of evaluation tests. The lessons intend to improve listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar of students. All segments complete with videos and main program episodes. The episodes or programs revolve around day to day events and affairs interacting with students in easy English.

Intermediate English: Business Time

Among the dozens of English Club TV programs for B2 level, the Business Time is unique. The program specifically addresses the needs of those who use English to carry out their businesses. Every episode completes with a glossary of words and their meanings. The screen shows subtitles as the program runs. The topics include international disasters, the most important political events and other important subjects. After each program, its viewers will have opportunities to answer queries directed to them by the program host who is a native UK speaker.

Intermediate English teaches Business Words

The Business Words program enhances the linguistics in businesspersons. All words newly included in the business world take place in the program in dictionary format. Viewers of the program never keep away from watching it since it runs with enticing musical pieces. Business Words are great to know, and by remembering new business words and their usages, it expands one’s business vocabulary.

Intermediate English: Dash of the Brush

The ‘Dash of the Brush’ talks about great artists in the world. It’s in narrative format, and the narrators are professionals in the field. The subjects that the program discusses are alluring and mystical with hidden facts in the ancient paintings brought to the fore with each episode. The viewers learn English without being aware of the fact they were learning as they watch the program by the X-files approach.

Intermediate English: E-lab. Art of Conversation

E-lab. The Art of Conversation by English Club TV improves the students’ skills in dialogues. The topic includes abstracts such as confidence, honesty and compassion. The program invites two students to participate in a conversation on each episode. Even though students in English know about the language, they are incomplete if they cannot talk English well. The Art of Conversation comes to their rescue in a great way.

Intermediate English: E.lab Flavours of the World

E.lab -Flavours of the World video lessons from the ECTV turn students towards global cultures and their cuisines. The format of the program matches subjects it discusses very much. A native teacher addresses the topic of an episode with the participation of two students group. After narrating, the teacher quizzes each student giving each point.

Intermediate English: Language Booster

The E-lab. Language Booster reminds students the basics of the English language. The program consists of a range of videos. A native teacher conducts the lessons on the invitation of the program host, and then the teacher directs queries to students after each session. All the lessons in the program review the basic of the English language.

Intermediate English: Extreme

One can learn slang in American English by following the ECTV Extreme program. By viewing the program, international students can find out how to use slang in their day to day communication. The program features adventurous racing episodes thus providing the excellent platform for those who want actions in episodes to keep in mind what about the whole content in them.

Intermediate English: Encyclopaedia. Dogs

For B2 Level animal lovers, a must watch program is the Encyclopaedia. Dogs. They will know the A to Z details of dog breeds and terminology of the field by following the program. Each episode contains enticing features of dogs and their visuals making the program a great way to learn the vocabulary of the field unintentionally. It is a wonderful way to gather as many as English words to one’s vocabulary without much efforts from their part.

Likewise, the hosts of other ECTV B2 lesson programs including Encyclopaedia, Paintings, Encyclopaedia, The Great, In one Word, Level UP, Mojo Morning, Speaking to the World, and Worth Seeing, among others are great ECTV programs to learn English efficiently and effortlessly.