pre intermediate level

English Club TV Pre intermediate level programmes

Students learn English going through a few stages of learning. The first level programmes by English Club TV address their viewers and listeners with numerous simple video lessons. The next ‘Pre intermediate level A2’ focuses on improving students’ listening, speaking and grammar skills, as well as expanding their vocabulary.

The Pre intermediate programmes differ from the Elementary English programmes, but those who learn it through the English Club TV will hardly notice the difference. All episodes include day to day English communications which enrich students with much more words and phrases. Since the Pre-intermediate shows cover current affairs, viewers can grasp them quickly and since they provide them with more words their vocabulary improves step by step readying them for the next level.

Pre intermediate level: What did they Say?  The Week in Review

The ECTV news sharpens students’ listening skill and vocabulary. The news programme comprises of ‘What did they Say?’ and ‘The Week to Review’ programmes, which help students improve their English vocabulary. Those who watch the E-lab programme, Say it Right and Perfect English, will rapidly enhance their speaking level and knowledge of English grammar. What is interesting is that these programmes are rather educational games than ordinary English lessons. Thanks to this, students do not feel bored watching them.

Pre intermediate level: City Grammar

Learning or teaching grammar is no easy task. The best teachers never try teaching grammar to their students because it keeps them away from learning English. Instead, they use grammar in other subtle ways. The English Club TV does just that with their programme called ‘City Grammar’.

The host of the programme takes the viewers around the country and shows them interesting locations. While describing and explaining, the host highlights the parts of grammar in an unintentional manner to teach the basics clearly to the viewers. So the City Grammar follows the most innovative and outstanding teaching methods to improve their students’ knowledge of grammar.

Pre intermediate level: The ECTV Simple News

The ECTV Simple News effortlessly enhances students’ knowledge of English. The programme caters to A1, A2, and B1 students running in line with news in a telecast format. Simple News includes a glossary which provides meanings of words as well as their pronunciations with info-graphic explanations. The hosts of the programms are native speakers from the United Kingdom. They speak very clearly, making the pronunciation of each word understandable.

Pre intermediate level: English UP

The English UP is one of the most popular English Club TV programmes due to its innovative approach. The informative programme includes such important aspects of city life as its transport systems, entertainments, dining, customs and so on. Watching these videos is like going on an informative trip.

Pre intermediate level: Flash Facts

The Flash Facts of the English Club TV is yet another innovative approach towards teaching English. The programme’s ingredients consist of flash facts, such as rare information on animal life, biological secrets, plants, etc. The show presents facts one by one without a break, but in plain English. It grasps the attention of viewers and keeps them interested until the end.

Pre intermediate level: Grammar Wise programme

Those who search for a platform to learn grammar will not miss English Club TV Grammar Wise programme. The programme explains grammar rules clearly and concisely and takes students towards living episodes of native English speakers to illustrate the salient grammar points. Native English speakers conduct the programme. They are professional teachers, as well.

Other English Club TV programmes for Pre intermediate students include Grammar Wise-Season 2, Here and There, Keep Fit, Say it Right, Speak Up, Step by Step, Step by Step New Season, The Language of Business and the Week in Review.