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How to choose teaching materials to effectively learn English

All English teachers use specific additional materials in order to systematize and organize the learning process. It can be methodical plans, specialized textbooks, electronic programs, video and audio materials, special comprehensive textbooks.

At any rate, those who study the language on their own also have to use teaching materials, because it is necessary to master grammar and lexis simultaneously. Specialized textbooks are your first assistants in this process.

Types of teaching materials for learning English

There are several types of teaching materials — universal English textbooks, textbooks with dictionaries (for the vocabulary expansion), grammar textbooks, textbooks that help improve your pronunciation. In addition, you can use audio and video materials.

Universal textbooks. The benefit of such textbooks is in the complex approach: you simultaneously study grammatical constructions, improve your lexical skills and pronunciation. In addition, you have a clear plan, which is easy to follow — you already have all the materials. Among the most popular integrated textbooks, there are such books as «New English File», «Opportunities», «Cutting Edge», «Total English», etc.

Textbooks with dictionaries. These are special additional materials that students can use to expand their vocabulary. You do not have to use these books if you are just starting to learn English. However, after mastering your grammar skills, you should include them in the learning process.

Books to improve your English pronunciation. Such textbooks are created for those who seek to learn the perfect pronunciation. Textbooks contain exercises for working with similar sounds and words that sound the same.

Audio and video materials. Usually they are already included in the complete set of a universal textbook in the form of a disk or a flash drive. Such materials complement the course program, train your auditory memory, and the perception of English-speaking speech by ear. However, often those are just excerpts from interviews in English or soundtracks from a video that do not explain English grammar rules.

At the same time, there are whole resources with video lessons, for example, English Club TV, where a different number of training programs are designed for different language levels. Audio and video materials, corresponding to the level of English language proficiency, perfectly complement the learning process.

A few tips for choosing teaching materials for learning English

1. Choose tutorials that match your knowledge of English. Too easy books will not give the desired result, too hard ones will complicate the learning process.
2. Use the new editions of textbooks. They contain new words, a more refined studying program and conveniently designed materials.
3. Manage your studying time. Pay more attention to basic textbooks, but do not forget about the additional ones. Do not just grab for all the textbooks, include them in the program gradually.
4. Follow the training program offered by the author. If you use a universal textbook, strictly follow the order of the tasks. Do not do all the lessons at the same time, but do everything in order.