advanced english vocabulary

Advanced English vocabulary boosts confidence in non-English speakers

Following the Advanced English Vocabulary course will provide confidence in society for anyone. Those who possess knowledge in difficult English words can reach their targets without much difficulty. For this reason, everyone who knows Basic English look forward to the advanced level so he or she can expand their English knowledge to a finer level.

Advanced English Vocabulary: Online learning

The Online English teaching programmes are one result-oriented way to acquire advanced English vocabulary. Since ECTV offers many English programmes with numerous features addressed from students in Basic level to Advanced level C1, they can significantly advance their English knowledge step by step. At the last stage of the Advance level, they will effortlessly acquire advanced words and phrases since most of the programmes at this level introduce difficult English words and phrases.

Advanced English Vocabulary: Business Time

In the business world, rarely does one use basic or informal English for transacting business deals. Top stakeholders in the field must acquire advanced English if they need to clinch top most deals. The English Club TV offers ‘Business Time’ to improve the Advanced English knowledge of those who target greater objectives in the business field. Each episode of Business Time displays a glossary of difficult words with their numerous meanings. The programme telecasts events and news relating to the business world in advanced English.

Advanced English Vocabulary: Business Words

The English Club TV presents the Business Words programme to improve the business vocabulary of its viewers. Since native UK teachers conduct the Business Words programme, its viewers will be able to listen and grasp the correct pronunciation of every word they hear or watch on the programme. The Business Words discusses advanced phrases, terms, idioms and difficult words and explains their different meanings in simple words – an excellent way to gain advanced English knowledge.

Advanced English Vocabulary: Dash of the Brush

English language learners will soon improve their understanding if provided the opportunities to discuss advanced topics. The Dash of the Brush programme from the English Club TV does just that because the programme talks about famous English artists and their prestigious works in art. Since the programme uses excellent English, subtitles run the length of the programme. In this way, viewers can grasp the meaning of words they watch by looking at the subtitles. The next time they hear the words they watch today, they will not need a second reminder to recall the meaning.

Likewise, English Club TV presents a series of programmes, videos and articles and other materials to improve the English knowledge of their students. The programmes such as E-lab Art of Conversation, E-Lab Language Booster, ECTV News, ECTV Extreme, Encyclopaedia Paintings, Encyclopaedia Dogs, Encyclopaedia Great, Learn to Teach and many others are so designed, they naturally improve Basic English learners encouraging them to enter the Advanced level.

Advanced English Vocabulary: Reading

Reading is one way to improve one’s English vocabulary very fast. The English Club TV, therefore, provides thousands of online informative articles for students who wish to gain Advanced English knowledge. With ECTV programmes, such items and many more live events take centre stage so the viewers can improve their vocabulary with minimum effort on their part.

Advanced English Vocabulary: Modern teaching trends

The ECTV online Advanced level English programmes are products of professionals in the field. They design programmes taking into account current trends in the education field. Therefore, ECTV lessons and programmes are student-friendly and inviting enough for students to view and learn by heart.

Students can start learning English from the beginning with Elementary (E1) level. The next level is Pre-intermediate (A2) level, and the next is called Intermediate (B1) level. By this level, every student who follows ECTV programmes would be able to gain a good English vocabulary. The next level is Upper Intermediate (B2) level, and the final level Advanced (C1) is designed to equip them with the advanced English vocabulary thereby opening an altogether different world for them to realise their dreams.