English for advanced

How to Learn English for Advanced Level Students

English Club TV has today become known as an established resource for learning English for advanced level students, as well as those of Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate levels. It is a great site for all those who want to improve their knowledge English online. The site incorporates an innovative approach to online learning where students are encouraged to watch a variety of programmes created to address each particular area of English education. Custom designed by an expert panel of native speakers from Great Britain, the site segments its content into modules, each of which are tailor made to suit student’s current levels of English comprehension and knowledge.

For those wanting to improve English, the lessons offered are based on Students’ present knowledge levels. An initial online self-evaluation test is given to assess these levels. Based on this assessment they are segmented into five distinct levels, i.e. English for Elementary level students, Pre-Intermediate level students, Intermediate level students, Upper-Intermediate level and English for Advanced level students.

The Advanced level in English Club TV, also known as C1 covers four primary base modules namely, Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Vocabulary Expansion and Grammar. Each of these modules consists of a myriad of English video lessons specially designed to resemble TV shows. These shows centre on topics such as current affairs, technology, business, adventure, travel and day to day social interactions, all specifically designed to improve students English.

Students watching programmes such as “ECTV News,” “E-lab Language booster” and   “Step by Step” can develop their vocabulary and improve skills of listening. Each of which offers post episode tasks and glossaries to ensure students accurately grasp and absorb each episode. A variety of programmes including the very popular “E-lab” series, “Language Booster” and “Art of Conversation” are offered to Students wishing to address issues in Speaking Skills and Grammar. Each episode is specially designed by the panel of native experts with the sole aim of teaching and improving conversational skills.

The key to English club TV’s success as the “go to” resource for learning English for Advanced students online lies in the presentation of each of these programmes. These are always in episodic news documentary or feature format that makes these truly unique English video lessons, easily understandable and memorable.