English video lessons

Where to Find Effective English Video Lessons?

A common conundrum faced by many if not all students self-learning English as a second language is finding a good source of English video lessons that address each aspect of the English language they wish to focus on. The biggest shortcoming student’s encounter is that most online content although widely available may not cover all the aspects a student is looking to improve. It would inevitably mean that a student will have to browse through many websites and search engines to find the lesson they are looking.

One well-rounded resource available to students today is English Club TV. Commonly known as ECTV at www.english-club.tv and is an excellent source of material for any student studying English as a second language. Since its inception in August of 2008, the site has grown to have a reach of over 10 million people worldwide. The success of the site can be attributed to the unique design of both its concept and content. It is the only website offering English video lessons each designed and structured by an expert panel of native English speakers in a format similar to a TV channel. After all, what is more engaging and entertaining to an individual than watching television?

Visitors and members of the site are first encouraged to take the online self-assessment test. It evaluates their current level of English knowledge and classifies students into five distinct levels, namely Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. A myriad of programmes are available to students of each level to choose from, each addressing aspects such as listening skills, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Each aspect of the language thus broken down into “Modules” enables students to hone in on weak areas and focus on these areas as necessary.

Programmes such as “ECTV Simple News”, “The Week in Review” and “Step by Step” for example focus on Listening skills and vocabulary expansion. Others such as “Perfect English” and “Say It Right” focus on speaking skills and grammar. The site also features programs that focus on certain critical situations such as “E-lab. Survival English” and “English 911.” It enables students to learn things such as how to ask for directions or how to ask for help. All of which are critical and vital areas an international student needs to learn when faced with immigrating to an English speaking country.

English Club TV is most effective as most if not all its programmes are designed in an episodic format similar to many TV shows thereby enabling students to learn in a familiar and engaging environment.