basic english

Learning Basic English is a leading Step towards the top

Beginners who are learning English should first acquire knowledge in Basic English.  However, spending all day and night learning Basic English alone will not provide good results. Learning gives best results when learners apply less effort in the learning process. It does not mean that English learners must not put all their effort into learning the language, the reason being, it denotes that compulsory learning can disperse the will of learning to a great extent as in learning any other subject. Do not make learning a chore.

The five levels of Basic English

The prestigious online English teaching website,, provides five levels of English learning. Looking at the levels, one can understand they have been designed scientifically to address the knowledge levels of the English learning population here and abroad. In fact, they provide steps ascending to the highest level of English education. Yet, they address the need in such a way that those who study under them hardly feel that they are learning English from a class. Instead, they acquire English knowledge so far unknown to them without even their knowledge at every step they take.

Basic English: Elementary A1

The first level ‘Elementary (A1)’ is more of self learning challenge than enforced lessons for students. The materials for the Elementary level are products from the experts in the field in the United Kingdom. The level contains modules that are designed to ensure their students gain knowledge of English seamlessly thereby overcoming linguistic barriers and grammatical glitz they will face on the way to the next level.

Basic English in four modules

The Basic English or A1 level presented by the tv-English Club embodies four modules. They include skills in listening, speaking, expanding vocabulary and learning grammar. All these skills reach students through clear step by step video lessons. The videos show contemporary affairs suited for Basic English learning incorporating day to day interactions and activities.

Basic English learning: Basic Lexis

The English Club TV videos contain a part called Basic Lexis. It specifically caters to beginners of English learning in order to improve their English vocabulary. Native English teachers conduct the episodes of Basic Lexis which more often cover the names of items in a subject category. The teacher describes the items and repeats them clearly, so the students will be able to grasp their correct pronunciations.

Basic English incorporating Simple News

Another popular video lesson of the English Club TV is ECTV Simple News. It aims to improve English knowledge of Elementary level students and Pre-Intermediate as well as Intermediate level students. Pre-determined forms run across the session and provide the students with a set of words and their glossary. A native teacher conducts the session and pronounces the words clearly denoting each letter of a word. At the end of a news story, the students receive a simple task to complete aimed to improve their knowledge further.

Basic English: Grammar Wise-Season 2

Tom Hadley conducts ‘Grammar Wise-Season 2’. The program addresses any level of students in any age group perfectly well.  The feedback on the program reveals that students with poor English knowledge also like it very much because they say they understand this way of teaching as a familiar way. The Step by step approach of the teacher and the helpful video segments accelerate the comprehension of students and also improve their elocution abilities.

Basic English: Perfect English

The English Club TV provides a range of video lessons called ‘Perfect English’, which cater to those who look for improving their pronunciation and speech. These are conducted by native teachers who host the Perfect English episodes, and they are mostly outdoor segments. They speak English words clearly and slowly and illustrate the ways the sounds form and build words.  The program also shows famous locations in English and their descriptions in clear English.

Basic English: Say it Right

Say it Right from the English Club TV targets to improve pronunciation and phonetics. Native teachers host the program pronouncing words and their sounds clearly and slowly aimed to provide comprehensive knowledge for the students who are following the course. Online teachers show examples on how to use words in sentences elaborating the different meanings of word by word. The English Club TV Basic English lessons encourage, and attract children towards English learning. Once they have passed the step, they would never look back until they climb to the Advanced Level of the ladder of English learning.