Basic English

How can I learn some Basic English?

English has fast become one of the world’s most widely used languages. Having knowledge of even Basic English has become an essential part of success in business, education, and even migration. Certain countries now require proof of at least a very basic knowledge of English before granting citizenship. Although some view the learning of English as a challenge, this should not be so. By following certain basic steps, one can learn and improve English in leaps and bounds.

As with learning any language or another subject for that matter, proper input is crucial in learning Basic English. Students studying English should endeavour to make some English interaction a mandatory part of their daily regime. Tasks such as watching an English programme on TV, listening to an English radio station, reading, etc. will help support a student’s learning process. Such exposure will allow them to make new discoveries, raise questions and even correct any improper English they may hear. Reading on a daily basis will also improve one’s English comprehension skills and grammar.

Another important part of the learning process is the actual output of English. It is important, in other words, that you also practice speaking English as much as possible with your family members or your peers. Students can opt for memberships to English speaking groups or some similar local resource. Students can also try to keep a diary, which helps improve writing skills as this daily exercise recaps students on proper writing methodology. Another interesting form of output is for students to attempt to teach a friend or perhaps someone younger some Basic English. It will help to refresh what you have already learnt as well as be a psychological boost to the student himself, as it boosts confidence in one’s knowledge of English.

The best way, however, to reinforce one’s English knowledge is to turn to the internet, which is a veritable ocean of resources for the student looking to learn and improve English. Websites such as English Club TV stand out from all the rest as a valuable resource for learning English, which offer the full gamut of the English language. English club TV or ECTV for short is a well-structured site for students to visit at The site features a self-test that students can take to evaluate their current level of English knowledge. Based on teaching Basic English, the site offers various programmes (all in an episodic TV show format), categorised into levels that address all aspects of the English language.