Best way to learn English

Explore the Best Way to Learn English

English language can be found used all over the world and has become an inescapable feature of daily life in most countries. Countries all over the world now have guides specially selected based on their ability to speak English as a second language, other countries have now begun showing English movies without dubbing them into their native languages and even 98% of online content on the internet is in English. This widespread use has resulted in students from all over the world asking one particular question in common, i.e. “What is the best way to learn English?”

There are many ways to learn English, despite this it is hard to pinpoint and highlight one particular method to learn English as the best. Instead it is far better to select a combination of several of these methods based on one’s requirements and needs. One proven method is through total immersion, where students must completely immerse themselves in the English language in all aspects of his or her daily routines. It is ideally done with the aid of a teacher who can provide subtle guidance to the student and help improve his understanding of the language. This however requires a considerable commitment on part of the student as he or she is required to refrain from using their native tongue even when communicating for basic needs such as transport or purchasing food.

A somewhat more convenient method is to attend classes. This could be as part of a long term university course or a short term course offered by a reputed institute, language school or community centre. The benefit derived from this method is that students are exposed to learning English in a group of their peers with guidance and instruction from a qualified teacher. Although successful in most circumstances, classroom learning does have the drawback of requiring a considerable commitment of time and effort in that a student must adhere to a strict schedule of classes, exams and homework.

Another more accessible and convenient option that many students, especially those who are employed either on a full time or part time basis in a native English speaking country may turn to is online learning via the internet. There are many sites that specialise in teaching students English as a second language. One of the best such resources is English Club TV. ECTV as it is widely known is an online resource that is specifically targeted towards students of foreign nationalities interested in learning English as a second language. Featuring programmes designed by a panel of native experts, ECTV provides students with a broad variety of English video lessons each categorised and based on a self-test that Students take on first visiting the site.

All in all the best advice this writer can give a student looking for the best way to learn English is to approach the task by first identifying your core need, i.e. learning English for employment or academic requirements and then using the best combination of the above methods to attain ones objective.