Online english

Learning Online English and its advantages

Online English learning has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few decades and has fast become the preferred method of learning by students all over the world. The popularity of the internet has transcended all barriers of geography, race and culture and constraints of classroom learning. The widespread reach of the internet and web-based technology has made learning a very accessible and convenient method of learning online English for those who prefer self-study to classroom learning. From employed professionals to students to stay at home mothers and senior citizens, the abundance of online learning material offered by various sources has become a sought after and readily available resource.

Online learning offers students a well-balanced mix of self-regulated and self-scheduled learning material facilitating the learning of English as a second language. The rise in popularity of self-learning is partly because many students of English as a second language are also concurrently working or studying other subjects. The freedom offered by self-learning is a welcome respite from the time-critical schedules of today. The internet also offers students the chance to learn anytime and anywhere they choose, solely depending on only their free time as well as their access to the internet.

The fast improving nature of modern technology brought on by the advent of social media networking and peer to peer networking has created a near virtual replication of the interactive and collaborative learning experience one gains in the classroom. Also, the accessibility provided by the internet has almost completely made regular travelling to classes, libraries and universities near redundant. The near infinite number of resources for learning online English on the internet has also enabled working professionals to gain added knowledge. It also has enabled qualifications mid-career without having to interrupt their current employment, thereby improving their chances of career advancement as well.

Those searching for the ideal online resource for self-learning English, one of the most recommended and highly praised sites today are English Club TV. Known as ECTV for short this website, found at is an excellent source of online learning that covers all aspects of the English language with a unique twist. All their content designed in a format similar to that of a TV channel, with programming ranging from news and current affairs to business, sports and travel. All the programmes created are by a panel of native experts specifically to teach international students the intricacies of the English language.