English online

How can I learn English online?

As any non-native English speaker can testify, learning English online or in a classroom can be a somewhat challenging task. However, many will also attest to being more comfortable learning English by themselves rather than as part of a class for many reasons. Some would prefer the lack of pressure from peers while others will prefer the flexibility that self-learning provides. It is because self-learning is not governed by a strict time commitment and is easily done at a pace comfortable to the student. Thus learning English online has become one of the fastest and best ways for students to learn English today.

The key to learning English is to get as much practical exposure to the language as possible, and the internet offers students a near infinite number of resources and options from which to choose. Students can interact with other like-minded students and teachers from all over the globe via social media sites that teach English through the exchange of knowledge. The internet offers many resources where students can register to meet and connect with others who are willing to teach and learn English. This sort of learning though comes with a caveat in that students should ensure they find teachers who have a good knowledge of the subject prior to committing to such an exercise.

Another option available to students through the internet is the ability to find instructional videos on any aspect of the English language. Students can view instructional videos on grammar, pronunciation, speech and writing. These videos will suffice to give students snippets of knowledge on the various aspects of English and can be an extremely good source of research material for those who wish to self-learn English. Other options that students can also use is the internet to search for downloadable files of both video and audio lessons on specific subjects to study at a later date

The best resource on the internet by far for students looking to learn English online is English Club TV or ECTV for short. Students can browse tv-english.club and sign up for a completely unique learning experience that will teach English from start to finish. On first visit to the site, students are encouraged to take a self-test to assess their current level of English comprehension after which they are assigned levels based on which all the content of ECTV is organised. The best part of the site being, all its content is designed in a TV show format. As such shows such as “ECTV Extreme” and the “E-lab” series are extremely engaging and insightful for students.