28.04.2016 (2)

Key Jay Messenger. For useful conversations only!



Does anybody share your interests in old-fashioned cars, Japanese poetry or German verbs? Aren’t you bored of all those professional and private acquaintances? Our messenger will help you in finding brand new friends from all continents and all walks of life!

The first addition of Key Jay Messenger is now available. Download it for free, edit your profile and… try to text someone, whose interests fit yours! Send messages, photos and other files, create public pages according to your interests and look for incredible friends!


More functions this month already!

We just couldn’t stand not giving you the chance to increase your English-speaking skills. And soon you will see even far more useful options in Key Jay Messenger.

First of all, with English Class mode you can develop writing skills on an A, B or C level.

Secondly, conversations with old and new friends will become even more dynamic since we update the collection of funny stickers.

Thirdly, you’ll get the chance not only to text but also to call your contacts. We have implemented a new online-call standard. That means less chances of losing your connection.

Fourthly, you can get rid of language borders between you and those who can’t comprehend a word in your language. The messenger was designed to translate your text automatically into 80 languages providing the original below the translation.

Lastly, we’ll try to make English grammar more clear for you. The built-in linguistic assistant will give you cues as to which phrase is better to use and how to build a statement, negation or question correctly.


Are you in? Follow updates right from your smartphone.

The application Key Jay is free. Download it now…