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How to effectively learn English online

More and more people are thinking about learning English. Everyone has their own reasons for this: entering a university, career growth, a trip or moving to another country, etc. Undoubtedly, you need to learn English. This is a modern requirement for all educated people.

Today, English language can be learnt anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer/smartphone and internet. Online learning has its advantages: it is convenient, fast and economical. But is it possible for everyone to learn a foreign language on their own and what can be done to make online learning effective?

1. You need self-motivation

We are sure that you met people who tried to learn English by themselves and whose efforts did not produce any results. Perhaps you yourself have done this many times, but have not achieved the desired results.

Remember that you can buy the best books, download top applications. However, when you take up something, you must always have self-motivation and desire to improve. Just ask yourself, why you need English: career growth, travelling, self-development, etc. Write down all the benefits that you will receive if you learn English, draw a wish card and hang in a prominent place.

Reward yourself for each achievement. This can be from an everyday reward (for every lesson you have learned) to long-term (buying a long-awaited thing or fulfilling a wish for a successfully passed exam or a completed course).

2. Prepare for the main program

1. Find out your English level. Do it before you start choosing textbooks, services and programs. For example, test your level of English grammar and vocabulary. This will help you choose the textbook and the program you need.

2. Build your class schedule. Decide at what time you will learn English, set a reminder. Try not to miss classes and not to transfer them to another day.

3. Offer your friends to learn language with you. You can do exercises together, discussing them and helping each other. There is a 90% probability that you will remember and understand the information told and explained to a friend. In addition, communicating in English will develop your conversational skills.

3. Choose resources for learning English

A program convenient for you will help you quickly master the English language. You can choose it yourself: the Internet offers a lot of teaching materials to choose from, so that you can study the way you like.

Keep the pace while studying. Learn the grammar, extend your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation skills.

Also, some programs are offered by textbooks and special services for learning English. For example, English Club TV Channel offers an individual program for each level of English (Beginner to Advanced), so you do not have to search for materials yourself.

4. Practice what you have learned

After each lesson, try to practice what you have learned. For example, make up a story where all new words will be mentioned. You can play a game: explain the meaning of the learned word in English, and let your friends try to guess it.
You can also find a pen-friend who is fluent in English, so that you will easily master the spoken language.