English grammar online

The Importance of Learning English Grammar Online

Why the importance of learning proper English grammar online can be seen in contrast today’s somewhat watered down and casual, laid back culture. However how one writes and speaks a language as intricate and subtle as English is entirely dependent on one’s knowledge of grammatical principles and exceptions. Grammar is the basis on which meaningful communication in English is possible. Thereby making it essential for those who wish to communicate their ideas and thoughts with others in possibly a more understandable and practical manner.

The sole purpose of the grammatical principals (and exceptions) in the English language is to ensure speakers and listeners communicate with each other in an effective and meaningful way. Without an adequate knowledge of grammar people would not be able clearly communicate their thoughts with the correct tone and purpose. Incorrect use of grammar not only reflects on the attitude of the speaker, but also significantly alters the message being communicated thereby impeding effective communication.

With English being used all over the world in areas such as business, politics, education and medicine, the use of proper grammar is essential to ensure clarity and efficiency in all communications. Incorrect grammar used in any circumstance will inevitably have consequences; the degree of severity may differ from the mildly hilarious misunderstanding to a catastrophic chain of unfortunate events. Good grammar is also often seen as a sign of credibility. Whatever the area, a speaker or writer who uses good grammar is seen as one who is educated, knowledgeable, intelligent and professional where as one who does not use proper grammar may not be taken seriously from the onset. This applies to a student applying to a college, to an employee applying to a job, or a head of state addressing his constituents. In all cases, using incorrect grammar often creates negative impressions in the minds of listeners and readers.

As such, it is of profound importance that students of English as a second language, learn good grammar if they are to learn to speak and write English effectively. One of the best methods in doing this is by learning English grammar online. The internet provides students with a wide variety of options to learn English grammar, with many websites offering online courses specially developed to improve English grammar. A pioneer in this area, and coincidently one of the best sources to learn proper grammar is English Club TV. ECTV is a website dedicated to teaching English to international students studying English as a second language. Featuring tailor made lessons that have been designed by a panel of native experts, ECTV has programmes categorised into five basis knowledge levels to help students learn everything from basic elementary grammar to advanced English grammar online.