Learn Grammar

Learn Grammar For Deep English Learning

For any language, you use there is a standard set of rules you have to follow. Since everyone who uses that language would adhere to these rules, you too would have to obey them. If not, none would understand what you say. Knowledge in words is not enough; you should know the right way to combine them. Proper combinations produce correct sentences. It contributes significantly for effective communication between you and the rest of the world.

Rules that determine the right way to join words together are called grammar. Like any other language, English is also based on its grammar. Many hate it. But you can never skip it. Even more so if you hope to learn English deep. Primary level ECTV English would be sufficient for you in the normal day to day activities, with or without having to learn grammar. But as you sail into deeper waters it requires high quality English language, where grammar plays an integral part. ECTV has noticed that writing essays, reading novels and addressing meetings, demand a sound grasp of grammar within you.

So if it is this important, how does one learn grammar effectively? ECTV has recognized that it is a capital mistake to try grammar at the very beginning. ECTV’s first lessons in learning English will never involve grammar whatsoever. Otherwise, the whole arrangement would appear as a study for children, and they would give up learning English altogether. ECTV grammar lessons come onto the stage only at an intermediate level.

Even at intermediate level, ECTV introduces grammar not as an educational lesson but as entertainment. An ideal example is ECTV’s ‘City Grammar’. Cheryl Lowe takes you around the city of London, describing its exotic places. One of her methods is to help you learn grammar by simple comparisons. She uses simple sentences, and further analyses onscreen. Explaining the main grammatical components of her sentences, she acts as both your city guide and grammar guide.

‘Grammar Wise’ is another such impressive programme on ECTV, dedicated to rehearsing grammar. Highly capable Kathy plays the role of program caster.   She conducts her programs to learn grammar that demonstrate various sentence structures in front of a huge touch screen. Young viewers get an overall idea how to put words together and build sentences. Using easy to understand examples like over the phone dialog, she teaches how to manipulate English language within its grammatical boundaries.

ECTV does a great deal for the progress of kids in teaching grammar in a fun way, rather than making it feel like a nuisance to them.