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Why Is It Important To Learn To Speak English?

As a non-native English speaker considering learning English, you will undoubtedly ask yourself “is it important to learn to speak English?”

If you have asked yourself this then remember that speaking grammatically proper English is of paramount importance in ensuring clear and concise communication. Ever tried to get your message across to a native or non-native speaker using broken English?

If you have, you will realise how much of an uphill task to speak English can be. Most of the biggest mistakes that made in this regard include fragmented sentences, poor subject – verb combinations and run on sentences.

In order to negate the effects of broken English in day to day communication, it is vital first to learn to speak properly formed sentences. It is because speaking proper English is vital to interact with others in both formal and informal settings. To do this successfully, one can employ various strategies to overcome improper speech and learn to speak grammatically correct English. As a start one can listen to news programs on the radio. It goes without saying to choose a station reputed for its use of proper English. One can also watch news telecasts on TV if one is so inclined. The objective in both these exercises is to learn new words and understand sentence construction by repeating the pronunciation of words and sentences spoken in either of the aforementioned media.

One may also read some of the widely available reference books on English to identify and learn correct language structure. These books, which can be purchased or borrowed from your nearest library, are a good source of theoretical knowledge on the subject. It can be further supplemented by purchasing educational CDs and DVDs that teach proper English usage. Another available option is registering for English classes that focus on speaking grammatically correct English for those so inclined to prefer a classroom learning environment.

Another learning source to rely on is the internet for anyone preferring self-study. It is a dedicated source towards the teaching of how to speak English correctly. The internet has many resources. Look no further than the ever popular English Club TV found at https://tv-english.club. The site takes a unique approach to teaching English to non-native speakers. All its content in the format of TV shows and created with the sole purpose of teaching how to speak English. Shows such as “Art of Conversation” and “What Did They Say?” focus entirely on speaking proper English and all its intricacies.