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How to improve your speaking skills

One of the most difficult stages of passing the test to the level of English knowledge is speaking. When you’re passing a written test, you have time to think and formulate a sentence correctly, but at speaking you don’t have the time for making your sentence correctly.

Speaking is the ability to express your thoughts on any topic freely through the English language, without resorting to a long deliberation of grammatical constructions.

The most common problem among beginners in learning English is the language barrier. This is the inability to communicate with a foreigner in English due to a lack of grammatical constructions knowledge or a lack of vocabulary.

In this article, we will discuss how to overcome the language barrier and develop speaking skills in English.

How to overcome language barrier

The reason is in the lack of vocabulary, misunderstanding grammar and insufficiently developed communication skills in English. When communicating in a foreign language the time to construct a sentence correctly is minimized, so the student must reproduce most of the constructions automatically.

Develop your speaking skills with:

– learning fixed phrases («It is not obvious that…», «Frankly speaking, …», «As a matter of fact, …», «It is well known that…», etc.);
– learning new words and use them regularly;
– communicating and discussing different topics with native English speaker;
– working with synonymy — don’t use the same word, but its complex synonyms.

Don’t use cumbersome structures, build simple and understandable sentences. Also don’t explain in your native language, use simple English words.

What to prepare for examination on speaking

In the opinion of students, speaking is the most terrible part of any exam. You can make a mistake and the time to think about the phrase is minimal.

At international English proficiency test, probably, you will checked fluency of your speech, its literacy, your vocabulary and how correct your pronunciation is.

The exam is oral so you will have to talk with the examiner, who will ask you questions and you should answer to them quickly and intelligibly.

A few tips to pass the speaking test successfully

– Don’t use short phrases («Yes», «No», «I’m agree with you», etc.), also don’t go into details by building long sentences.
– Answer the question, don’t jump from topic to topic.
– Pause. Despite the fact that your speech should be fluent, don’t talk too fast. Make pauses, breathe properly and don’t swallow words.
– Don’t waste time remembering the right words, use synonyms.