grammar in use

How Can I Experience Good Grammar in Use?

Proper grammar is crucial to forming an excellent written document, be it grammar in use in a letter, an email or an essay for example. The correct use of grammar helps readers to develop an impression of the author. An author using proper grammar stands out as one who has a good command of the English knowledge and also of the subject of concern. Conversely, if the author does not use proper grammar, he or she is seen as unprofessional and unqualified even if the subject matter he or she has written is not the English language. Having a sound knowledge of grammar is, therefore, essential to success in all areas, be it in school, at work or in one’s day to day life. It is necessary to put good grammar in use for day to day practice.

No matter what one’s first language may be, it could even be English, the use of correct grammar, whether written or spoken indicates the author’s understanding of the subtleties of the English language. Proper grammar is vital as it enables one to communicate efficiently. Incorrect grammar use can lead to the corruption of the meaning of entire sentences. Some grammatical errors can render a message incomprehensible. Whilst the incorrect phrasing of words, mistakes as small as a misplaced comma can drastically alter the meaning of a sentence you want to put across and result in oftentimes hilarious and embarrassing failures.

Even if a student’s grammar is somewhat comprehensible, repeated mistakes and constant errors might give listeners and readers the impression that one is inefficient. Not paying proper attention to what one wishes today, would lead to the audience losing attention. Good grammar in use keeps one’s listeners, and readers focused on the message one wants to communicate as opposed to being focused on the manner in which one speaks or writes.

A good way to experience good grammar in use is to read books or search online for resources dedicated to teaching the intricacies of English grammar. For those who prefer online self-learning a site such as English Club TV or ECTV as more popularly known will prove invaluable. The site features many programmes each of which are custom made by a team of expert native speakers with the sole intention of helping international students speak fluent English. Programmes such as “English 911” and “ECTV Simple News” are ideal for helping students experience good grammar in use first hand.