English pronunciation

Improve Your English Pronunciation with ECTV Online Lessons

English pronunciation should be tackled at the very beginning of a person’s life. If not, the way he/she would speak out in his/her later years would not match the standards of correct English speech. It would cause poor communication between people. In turn, it would lead to unnecessary delay in achieving their objectives in their business and work. So it is clear, correct English pronunciation is essential for a person’s overall success.

There can be three levels of English pronunciation. At the first level people would not understand what you are saying at all. There would be nothing wrong with the sentence you utter; grammar perfect, wordings excellent and meanings exact. The worry is the sounds you make. You are not doing it on purpose, but despite all your efforts, you can’t hit the correct set of vocal keys.

At the second level, people discern your words but only with some effort. Your articulation is most probably hampered by your first language. At the third level, which should be your goal, your pronunciation is perfect, voice is clear. People understand what you say instantly. They do not have to give an extra thought to decipher your talk.

ECTV hopes to take you to the third level of learning English. To help you achieve that, they offer you a series of English video lessons. ‘Speak Up,’ ‘Say It Right,’ ‘Word Party’ and ‘What Did They Say?’ are the leading ECTV video programmes dedicated to developing your English pronunciation. Rather than letting your child suffer through dreary hours in a typical elocution class, let him enjoy pronunciation in a fun environment through ECTV.

A Personal Computer and a pair of headphones are all you need. Your child has only to sit back and watch a lesson. Talented programme hosts at ECTV will see to the rest. Their approach to practise your child’s English is not direct. First what they do is to capture the interest of their young viewers. With humorous idioms, fascinating historical facts and witty proverbs, ECTV provides appreciative guidance to improve pronunciation.

None can just assume the correct way to pronounce English words. It should be identified as a professional English teacher. ECTV is that. Their lessons are in-depth. For correct English pronunciation, they even show you how to move your lips, tongue and mouth to produce the desired sound. ECTV has a step by step demonstration method which ensures that no kid is left behind in their lessons. With ECTV, anyone who is entirely new to English would find it easy to overcome his or her pronunciation difficulties undoubtedly.