english for business

How Important Is English For Business?

English has fast become the world’s most prominent language and its rapid rise to prominence has largely contributed to the ever increasing importance of English for business. English today is a universal language spoken around the world. Latest statistics shows that around 350 million people of the global population of 6 billion speak some form of English. However, this number alone is not indicative of the importance of English for business. In order to adequately examine this influence, it is necessary to examine the many uses the English language has in the corporate and political world of today.

The absolute need to work as part of a global economy has become the paramount priority for businesses and individuals in the present corporate culture who wish to grow and be successful. Part of achieving success, one must be able to communicate efficiently if one intends to build sound networks on a global scale. To do this one must master the Lingua Franca of the business world. Today it is English.

Defining English for business is not an exact science instead the definition of Business English depends entirely on its use and the point of view of those who defines it. Some would define business English in a specialised viewpoint i.e. dealing with individual professions such as legal, medical and human resources, each having its set of unique terms and practices. Another equally compelling perspective on English for business is that it is more of a melding of specialist vocabulary. These attributes are general conversation and standard skill sets such as correspondence etiquette (letters and email etc.) and presentation skills to name a few.

Irrespective of a viewpoint English for business is a necessary skill. Non-native speakers must master it if they are to interact with corporate entities and individuals in English speaking countries or even business in non-English speaking countries that use English as a common language. Having proper command of the English language in these circumstances is essential and an absolute necessity if students are to achieve career success. As such the importance of learning English for business, must not be underestimated or downplayed, as it has become the de facto language in the business world today.

Students looking for ways to study English for business have many options open to them such as courses and classes offered by reputed institutions. However on of the most popular options available today is the internet, which provides students a vast number of resources to study. One of the best is English Club TV, which hosts shows such as “Business English” and “Art of Conversation” that are specially designed to teach international students English for business.