key jay

Communication with no borders

Currently the world’s market is full of various mobile messenger applications. However, some users would like to receive a messenger for communication with a set of basic functions (sending and receiving of files, making calls), as well as complex application which lets you speak with people from different countries without language barriers, find interlocutor on any topic and boost our English.

In January 2016 English Club TV channel announced launch of the unique messenger application Key Jay.

Would you like to discuss your favorite book or movie? Key Jay will help you with that. The messenger has smart-search of people by interests and opportunity to create theme communities where you can talk about your favorite dish or the latest fashion trends.

Besides, thanks to built-in function Google Translate you can easily talk to users from all the corners of the world despite language barrier.

Nowadays studying English is not just a hobby; this is a life-important necessity. Key Jay solves this problem. The messenger has a separate mode for English studying where you can find plenty of interesting tests, exercises and tasks for checking and improving your knowledge.

Key Jay is a unique application which allows you to find new friends and boost your English!

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