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World – New Language App

A new innovative app will help you learn English and enjoy it.

Speaking English is very important worldwide if you want to get opportunities in business, education and travelling.

There are quite a few language-learning applications now available on the market.

Still, many English-language learners would like to get even more opportunities to improve their speaking and understanding skills with minimal disturbance to their daily lifestyle.

Now, users can improve their skills during their busy schedules, on-the-go.

How can a mobile app actually help me learn?

Educational app developers need to constantly think of the end-user and how the finished product will help each and every learner.

And recently there has appeared a new app called English Club TV powered by Speaking Pal.

Speaking Pal’s CEO explains:



“We have developed an English language learning solution for teaching English as a second language for mobile devices with a unique experience instead of going over a list of words, grammar books or with teachers, use the mobile devices to improve your speaking of English.”

Experienced teachers have long acknowledged that the use of various language apps helps their students learn English faster and with greater pleasure.

English Club TV powered by Speaking Pal is the app that teachers need to recommend to their students.

Students should get way from stupid gaming apps that are doing nothing but wasting their time.