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The Knowledge of English Ensures Smooth Travel Programmes

Those who study English as a second language and are considering international travel, be it for employment, education or recreation will no doubt be looking for travel programmes to learn English related to travelling. It is because English has become a language spoken almost all over the world today, whether as a first language or as a second language. This rise in popularity and usage has resulted in English becoming the most widely used language in the world today. Frequently used in Business, education, travel and many other specialised fields, English has become a “must know” language the world over.

Amongst its many uses, English is especially useful for travel in many ways. Irrespective of reasons for travel, be it business or leisure English is the most commonly prevalent language used on either side of the spectrum. To illustrate, English is used in almost all aspects of the travel industry, from hotels to airlines to tour operators all of whom use English as the standard language in their field. Nearly all hotels worldwide provide their full gamut of services in English i.e. reservations, bookings and the daily implementations of a hotel are all carried out in the English language.

English is also practiced in the travel trade. Almost all airlines and shipping lines use English for communication. Whether it is to communicate with passengers or to air/sea traffic control, English is the language most airline and shipping line operating procedures use. It provides a standard platform to communicate the unique and customised processes required for air travel. Tour operators also prefer to use the English language as it is a common language amongst all tourists, including almost all packages and tours are conducted in English.

Students who wish to learn English for travel can avail themselves of many options including specialised classes provided by many training institutes or schools, Students can also purchase books on the subject. One of the most readily accessible options available to the student today is found on the internet. Many online websites provide students with self-learning courses that they may sign up for that specialise in teaching English for travel. English Club TV or ECTV is one of the best online resources available today. The website features many specialised travel programmes such as “E-lab. Survival English” and “Fairy Travelling.” ECTV offers students many unique travel plans to enable them to learn about travel from various viewpoints. Students can learn about different cultures, famous landmarks and even international cuisine, most importantly these travel programmes teach students useful English words and phrases to use when travelling.