Learning English video

The Importance of Learning English Video Media

The word media was first coined to describe Newspapers almost 200 years ago. In today’s context the term has come to have several meanings including print, visual and social media. Whilst the term media may have different meanings and definitions its purpose is the same – a means of communication. In the world today all forms of media have become commonplace in everyday life and is used in a broad range of disciplines i.e. finance, business, entertainment, news and of course education.

Media has begun to play a considerable role in the teaching as of late with the onset of the learner centric approach to study. Many students now prefer to study by learning themselves and to link their education with their day to day lives. This is particularly so in language learning, especially when learning a language such as English as a second language. Non-native students studying English as their second language achieve this by using learning English video media to enhance their communication skills. This is because such media engages student’s attention and provides a more meaningful learning experience by immersing them in music, video, film and television.

Learning English video media provides many non-native students with considerable benefits. It is because media such as video lessons expedites the transfer of knowledge to students as it makes recollection of content easier. This is achieved by way of the high production quality of such video media that enable students to visualise complex concepts in a stimulating and engaging manner. Another benefit of English video media is that it helps international students connect and identify with events, expressions and situations that may otherwise be alien to them. English video media promotes self-learning and also enhances a student’s ability to integrate effortlessly to connect with a world outside of his own native country and culture.

For learning, English video by English Club TV is the best media available today. Also known as ECTV this website has successfully become one of today’s best resources for international students learning English as a second language. It has done this by developing its learning English video media into a unique format that attracts and retains attention, promotes curiosity and interest and increases student’s motivation to learn. English Club TV has successfully achieved all of this by taking the unique approach of formatting all their learning English video media to resemble a TV show format and providing programs of documentary, news and game show formats that have been custom designed by a panel of native experts to teach students English as a second language.