simple English

Do You Consider Learning English Is Useful? Learn Simple English!

Learning to speak and write simple English in today’s world is of paramount importance. English is widely used across the world in all aspects of life. From a business to entertainment English has, in fact, become a common denominator, and English has come to be in use in everything from conducting international business to just buying one’s groceries. Although many may disagree about the validity and importance of learning English, the opportunities available for those who have even the most rudimentary knowledge of simple English are innumerable.

Students who are looking for employment in foreign countries will benefit with a working knowledge of English. Many companies deal with both local and international clientele where English is a common language. Also, English is widely used by businesses when interacting with their customers, their suppliers and even their counterparts. All correspondence in today’s business world especially via email is conducted in English. Having a good knowledge of English is, therefore, necessary and vital in business, and a trait looked for and highly prized by many employers.

English is also useful for those who enjoy travelling. Many students may find themselves in countries where they don’t speak the native language. However, there are always people who talk English. However, students must at least have a basic knowledge of the rudiments of simple English to be able to communicate effectively. Statistics has shown that over 900 million people in the world speak English in some form either as a native speaker or as a second language. Knowing English opens avenues of communication for students with this vast populace. Apart from employment and travel, knowledge of English is essential for students in advanced study programmes such as degrees. Most educational institutes accept students who can speak English for advanced training as their curricula is in English.

The usefulness of English is not limited to students and non-native speakers, even native speakers can improve their careers and professional advancement by improving English skills such as grammar, vocabulary, lexicology and pronunciation. There are many ways available for those who want to learn or improve their English knowledge, the most accessible of these being the internet. Offering students the option of self-learning at their pace, the internet is a treasure trove of resources for learning English. A prime example of which is English club TV, a website that provides students access to several well-designed programs created with the ultimate aim of improving all aspects of English